Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hotel Stevens. Issue #5

This Friday I will be performing at the The Q Cafe in the Magnolia/Ballard area for what will probably be the one All-Ages show this summer!

TJ Sherrill (or "THE SHEER-ILL" as he lets me call him) will open up the evening, followed by ALEX NACKMAN and his band. It will also be the first time I have had a backup band behind my solo material, and for that reason alone I'm pretty excited since it's a sort of mile marker for me. The man behind the bass is Mark Wooten (formerly of ZIP GUN), a new friend I have had the pleasure of meeting in the past year, and for a one-show appearance behind the drums will be Alex Polson. We've been having a lot of fun learning the songs, and I really am fortunate to have these guys and their enthusiasm. It's a different hat to wear when arranging songs in a "backing band" situation and it's been a really good experience. Plus, I gave them my secret weakness in a box should I begin to show signs of a maniacal dictator and need to be put down...

Alex and his band will be arriving today and staying at my place until the day after the show. It should be fun, I'm planning on showing them around the city a bit (this is the Lynnwood comic store, this is the Downtown location....:).

Mandi and I also had her Cousin Anna and her husband Eric in town this past weekend for the Virginia Mason 1/2 Marathon (13 miles!). Mandi, Anna, and her sister Lisa all ran and did a great job finishing strong. Eric, Alex, and I played the role of supportive husbands by eating free smoothies, food and getting 15 minute massages while the girls ran :). Seriously though, it was really great to be there to see her "new thing" as lord knows how many shows she's come to and cheered me. She'll probably get mad a me for posting this picture, but I think she looks like a BADASS, don't you?

I hope you come out to the show for what will be a big love-in and good time with cold drinks and snacks provided by the Q Cafe. If you have kids you've wanted to bring but haven't been able to, this is the show for you!

Here's the info!

Q Cafe / Friday, July 13th / ALL-AGES / $7 / Doors open @ 7:30 / Show starts @ 8:00 / See you there!


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