Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Brain Is Melting. Issue #37

The title of this weeks blog says it all. Honestly, I don't think I was really thinking when I set out to do RPM Challenge 2008 for which I have to write and record a full 10 song album to send off before March 1st, AND plan and record a music video in the same month. Not really one of my smartest moves, but I can't say that I haven't be productive this month for sure...
If one could say that having 5 fully recorded and written songs by the 15th would have meant I was halfway there, then yours truly is unfortunately a little (lots) behind. Still, I have faith that I will come out strong in the end.

I have 8 songs written and basics tracks laid down as of Wednesday afternoon, and the final 2 should come together over the next couple of days. These new beings can be called out to in a crowd by the the following names...

"Antidote, I'm Tired"
"Hard And True"
"Vouch For Me"
"Roman Candle"
"Always Remember"
"Sun Takes You Home"
"River Valentine"
"Matches In The Walls"

The funny thing is, these are being written and recorded so quickly I have already forgotten how to play some of them and couldn't tell you how to sing a few of the bridges without hearing what I have recorded myself. It's definitely a MUCH different way of writing and working for me (also refreshing) and I think when it's all said and done I'll have a 10 song album of songs that I will learn to grow close to. Right now, it's kinda like I'm just shaking hands with people after arriving at a party, and I know I'm not gonna remember their names until I spend time with them. I'm very excited about a few of the tracks and I hope the rest will come out and shine as they become more produced and mixed.

As for the video for "Sparkle And Fall", we shoot this weekend and I still have to "make" 20 violins between now and then. I'm expecting the whole thing to be a trip, a lot of fun, and I'm planning on taking some pictures to post next week to give you an idea of what went on.

Kinda short blog this week...lot's of work to do!

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