Monday, June 30, 2008

Hawaii Photo Shoot. Issue #56

Last month when I was in Hawaii I met up with photographer
JOSHUA STEARNS to update my press photos, and to capture some images for some up-and-coming projects I'm working on. I'm really happy with the way they turned out, and once again we tried to capture something in nature and different than your normal "urban rock shot".

As for the one with me dunking? I wasn't going to include my obviously joking "Jordan Fantasy" here originally, but thought it might get some good laughs, a few "WTF's", and bring my old middle school basketball buddies out of the woodwork. NO ONE likes to play B-Ball with me because I foul to much. TRUE.

You may have noticed some changes to the title of my blog from "365 Days of Songs" to "Kyle Stevens Music". This was due to the fact that this blog has always incorporated much more than just my songwriting gig with ISLAND FILM GROUP, makes it a little easier to find, and streamlines with my other web addresses. Some of us have a problem with change, and in understanding that I encourage those of you who do to take a deep breath...and get over it. :)

See you next week!



Oracle_Batgirl said...

I see you have the angry pic at the bottom, continuity continues. JK!! No these pics are really well done, tasteful pieces. And man, it must've SUCKED to have to hit Hawaii to do the shoot, poor guy. ;)~

Oh and as for the b-ball fouling, I get that. I used to be called the dragon lady in basketball games for a reason. *grins*

Can't wait to see you playing someday soon, and it was very cool meeting you at the stop Saturday.

Tim Jolin said...

Sweet pics. I'd go with the rim hang. It really conveys your sound... kind of angry, kind of funny.
Practice next week would be awesome. What days good?