Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Frank The Pocket (Part 2). Issue #93

How great is it that the readers of my blog expecting to read about the musical journey tolerate entire posts about a make-believe pocket? Good thing you all do...cause here's another one!

Last week I wrote about Frank, my cartoon/comic idea and the bizarre way in which he came to be. This week I wanted to show a couple of sketches that artist Laurie B. and I fleshed out (her drawing/me talking) of Frank and his friends that make up his world...on the my hoody.

First, Frank. Laurie initially drew up this sketch of him with an attitude. After we finished laughing our asses off, we realized that this didn't really speak to who Frank was. Frank has a heart of gold, but was always sad that nothing would fit in him? Um, too sad. What about a heart of gold combined with an enduring and charming naivete that leads him to always see the best in people even when it's obvious to everyone else when something or someone isn't a good idea? We have a winner! Laurie had me guffawing multiple nights for hours at Mel's Diner in S.F. while she drew this stuff up. I love it. A few pictures of Frank in Japan, hot-tubbing and trying out for the "Tropic Thunder" role that went to Robert Downey Jr.

Like every little pocket person in the world, Frank needs a girlfriend. A rock that he can turn to when times are tough, and someone that believes in him even when he doubts himself. Frank found that in his Japanese girlfriend, Yokoko. That's her name due to the fact that most zippers have a "YKK" on them (made in Japanese zipper factory Yoshida-Kogyu-Kaisha) and Laurie suggested it. That girl is brilliant. Always bailing Frank out of trouble and helping him in his adventures, Yokoko is the partner we all would like.

Rounding out the cast of characters in this hoody-based world is Francoise, Frank's cousin and a big French prick. I don't know why he's French so don't ask. All I know is that he lives on the other side of the hoody from where Frank is based, and for some reason that place is France. You can get the idea how long it takes to get to the other side of this garment. Anyways, Francoise is a companion of necessity since he's the only family member Frank has. Always trying to sabotage Frank, make him look bad, and ruin his relationship; Frank is naive to Francoise's intentions despite Yokoko's repeated warnings.

"He's the only family I have", says Frank. "He isn't as bad as he comes across."

Oh, yes. Yes he is.

In 3rd place on the swimmer's award block (I'm assuming you got that, speedos and all), is Frank's button friend. For now, let's just call him Gordon. Gordon like Yokoko is dedicated to Frank's success, but almost in a severe "Bromance" kinda way. He's not gay, but just loves Frank so much he sometimes comes across occasionally creepy in his admiration. We're still working on this, but would like some kinda subplot of the extra-curricular activities he might be into when Frank is out of town in Japan visiting Yokoko's family. You do the math on what that might be...

So there you go, and thanks for taking a look into Frank The Pocket's world! I was crying with laughter as Laurie drew up the sketches with her vision of Frank and I truly think he wasn't meant to be drawn by anyone else. Um, what next? Well, I think it would be super fun to do a small book, sketchbook, or comic to sell at these convention shows but that might be a little ways away. Hopefully we can flesh out the idea more over the next couple of Cons this spring promoting KIRBY KRACKLE, and I look forward to that very much. :)

Thanks to everyone who came out the show at the KISS CAFE last Saturday and took in the set! I tried to mix it up and did a few different interpretations of songs off of my solo record, Songs From The Orange Room, as well as an R.E.M. tune and a selection from CROWDED HOUSE.

This next week I'll be in Mexico for a big family trip and will be posting from there! No border towns though, I plan on keeping my head. Also, if any drug cartel members are planning on adding to me to their current huge kidnapping numbers take note: If you're going to take me, that's cool, but give me a chance to grab my retainer first. I spent too long in braces for you guys to mess that stuff up. Thanks.

See you next week!


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