Sunday, April 12, 2009

New COLLIDER Single, "Last Sunset". Issue #97

(Photo taken before we found new bass player Kent Harris, but none-the-less some cool pics I wanted to share. Photos by Joshua Stearns.)

Around the same time I started working for Island Film Group, and before KIRBY KRACKLE even existed I started a band called COLLIDER with friends Matt Edington and Ian Caruso.
The band debuted at The Showbox in Seattle in March of 2008, followed up with a few more shows at The Showbox and Highdive and then seemingly disappeared. Those of you following along know that we didn't disappear but instead just took a step back...what turned out to be a big step back. I was sure the debut E.P. would be done at the end of summer (our goal) and in my over-excitedness announced it would be so.

Didn't happen.

Sure that it would be out in by December, I blabbed my mouth again that it would be the case as well.

Nuh Uh.

Risking the title of "boy that cried wolf" I can now FOR SURE say that it's done and is heading to the printers this week lest some act of God (Colbert?) strikes me down before then. What does that mean? It means that I'm very happy to announce the first offering from the COLLIDER debut self-titled E.P. in the
form of the single, "LAST SUNSET".

Click here to be taken directly to the COLLIDER Myspace page!

Though I didn't talk about it very much on this blog (no one wants to hear about the same guitar part being redone over and over), a lot of work has gone into this over the past 8 or 9 months and I think you'll find it worth the wait. It is by far the heaviest thing I've ever done and consciously on the other end of the spectrum from solo/Kirby Krackle music and the place where harder rocking muscles can be exercised.

It's a big guitar record, and I hope you get a taste of what you can expect to find when the E.P. is released on May 8th with a COLLIDER CD Release show on May 8th at The Showbox! Also, please make sure you friend us via the link above if you haven't yet as well so we can keep you in the loop. It'll be a great show and more music will be posted on the site in the next few weeks leading up to the album's release.

As for this past weekend, the trip to Coeur D'Alene/Spokane went well and all-in-all logged 12 hours of driving. Caught up on some music/audiobooks and enjoyed the scenery as everything (slowly) is getting to look more and more like spring (not here obviously). Besides playing, I think my favorite part was hanging out with my CDA host's new baby, Jude. A cute as all-get-out seven month-old that had the bluest eyes you've ever seen. Thanks Eastside crew, it was a fun weekend and look forward to coming back this summer.

On Thursday Jim Demonakos and I head back to New York for KK business and some cool meetings/shows at Jim Handley's Comic Universe (Manhattan) and Comic Book Jones (Staten Island). It's going to be crazy. See you with hopefully some fun stories next week, and if you're in the area check the KK site ( for details on the shows.

Keep it real mang,



Bugs said...

With all these projects going at once... don't forget to look around and enjoy the journey. Keep it comin!! (...thats what she said)

kylestevensmusic said...

Word. That's actually what I'm working on at the moment...:)

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