Monday, May 11, 2009

2 Shows, 1 Cup. Issue #101

A big THANK YOU is deserving for everyone who came out to the COLLIDER CD Release show and made it our best show yet! We had a great time and hope you did too. It was good to shake the rust off of the live set after having taken a performance hiatus since last June (too long), and to have so many of you come out to play with us this past Friday. We're putting together some more shows for this summer as I know have another record/project to promote and play behind. The good thing is that they don't compete for the same audience so there's a variety of venues I'm looking forward to playing in the next few months. It should be a good summer, and if I'm lucky will get to play some outdoor shows which is truly the best!

Speaking of outdoor shows, this Sunday May 17th I'll be bringing the full KIRBY KRACKLE band to the University Street Fair for a 10:30 AM slot to see what happens when geeks rock out before 11:00. Your guess is as good as mine...
The show will be the debut the band's new keyboardist Bryce Francis and I'm sure after 3 weeks of me playing air keyboard trying to show him "what I think I want" that he's ready to get on stage. It's been really fun to get him up-to-speed and I think the KK fans will like what they hear!

This weeks blog post title is a play on the now infamous viral video which no, I haven't seen. There are some things you can't unsee...

It's meant to reference the playing of a show and being inspired vs. going to a show and being inspired. I believe that it's all the same energy that goes to the same source, and on Sunday night my cup overflowed with the goodness coming off the stage at the GMK show. GMK is the Louis Johnson, the little bro of my high-school friend John Johnson. During what I look back on as a time of creative fearlessness (with equal parts unknowingness), John and I would perform on stage at high-school talent shows with Laymans Terms as the backing band behind John's raps. Over the years, we've gone in and out of contact and so when I heard he had a show I was in town for I knew I had to see it. I've only gone to a few rap shows in my day (though I listen to it all the time) and though I've always had a blast, never did they reach the inspiring heights for me as last night did. Following 2 acts before them that dealt with technical difficulties by swearing at the audience and telling them they'd "tear anyone up" (??????????), John and GMK took the stage like pros and had the crowd in the palm of their hand. Combining a cutting edge hip-hop sound and positivity in their message with what I would describe as well performed "Motown-esque" on stage dance/interaction, I would recommend anyone to go see them. You'll smile the whole time...I know I did.

Thinking about it the day after I thought how that's the way I want people to feel after they leave my shows...inspired and feeling good. Something to reach for always and last night lit a match under my butt to make it even more so.

Celebrate Music!


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