Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kirby Krackle In Studio. Issue #135

Hey all, just a quick blog this week an we're busting ass over in Kirby Krackle land to record album #2 at breakneck speed. We went into the studio this past Sunday for the first day of tracking and as usual, our drummer Nelson made us all look bad as he nailed final drums in only 8 hours flat. IMPRESSIVE. Yours truly doesn't operate in that world and all day the thing that can be heard the most over any set of words coming out of my mouth is "Start it again, Don". Reality Represent.

We have 7 days to crack out 11 songs and though doable, I have to live like a ninja-navy seal-marine with the Tao of Pooh to get it done in time. Thus, a short entry this week. Below are some pictures from the first few days of tracking...

The night before heading into the studio with KK I once again had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at the Silvertips game in Everett. They put on a great night there and I was happy to be asked back after my spontaneous social cussing problem didn't kick in last year. Double yay. My friends Michelle, Patrick, and Malorie came to support and we had a great time OD-ing on SHISHKABERRIES and random fair-esque foods. Also, this kid below is my new hero. Never repeated a dance move and went for 5 minutes straight. Baller.

See you next week and happy new year everybody!


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