Monday, May 17, 2010

Princess Kaiulani/Garage Sale/Seattle Beer Week. Issue #154

This past weekend saw the release of PRINCESS KAIULANI, the first full feature length film from my songwriting employers Island Film Group. It was very cool to finally see the public birthing of the film after it began filming 2 years ago in Hawaii and England. Set in the late 1800's, the film follows the life of the Hawaiian princess as she was annexed from her throne and sent to England for education before returning to unite the spirit of the native peoples during the further domination of the US government. It's awesome. Yes, I'm biased, but it's awesome. Check out the trailer then skip over to the Guild 45th theater in Seattle and other major cities!

I had my first ever garage sale this past Saturday and it was a pretty interesting experience being that mostly everything was $1 expect for shoes and jackets which were $5. Some people showed up looking for jewelery, some for video games, but I like to think I made someones day when they bought a Backstreet Boys t-shirt I had...given to me that is. Oh yeah, Kevin was the cute one.

4 EVA and EVA OMG.

Seriously though, I've been in purging mode and had a garage full of stuff I don't use that was collected over the years. Kitchen supplies, shoes, clothes, old action figures, you name it. There was something for everybody except Gingers, mostly cause they have no souls (South Park said it). My favorite (?) part of the day was when an older woman showed up and kept trying to talk me down to $14 on a $20 amount of goods. Yeah she was good, and sadly she won just cause I wanted her to leave my sight. The self destruction timer on that backpack she kept trying to hide items in was probably a surprise. Great, now TSA is following this blog. Share the tunes buzzcuts!

As of last Thursday Seattle Beer Week has been in full swing and after a day accepting soggy $1 bills I was ready to partake. ELYSIAN brewer on the hill had a fun event celebrating the liquid Benjamin Franklin said "was proof God wants us to be happy" in the form of their Barely wine lineup from '05-'09. The food was great, the barely wine was delish (even the cask ales of which I'm never a fan), and the games were awesome. Games you say? Yep, and keeping with the theme the games ranged from "Pin The Eye On The Cyclops" to "Feed Peasants To The Cyclops". You can see how it all went down below and if you get a chance check out some activities happening all over the city this week. Besides throwing villagers in trolls mouths, the restroom held some genius of it's own. Written on the tile on the grout in very small print held the ramblings of some drunk savant on a rhyming bender. "Oscar the Grout", "In-And-Grout Burger", and "Grout of Control" was what you read if you looked really close. Are you listening Elysian marketing department? Hire this kid...

Trying to slay the ogre,



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