Monday, August 6, 2007

How To Swear In Australian. Issue #9

Last week I spent everyday working on a track for Gigi Edgley before she flew in from L.A. on Friday. That night, I met up with she and Brian at the CD release show at Mr. Spot's Chai House for Scott who was the lead singer of the now defunct M-Set.

After Scott's set, there was a lot of time left and he was kind enough to let friends come up and do a song or two. The theme for the rest of the evening seemed to be obscure covers (Queen folk-guitar interpretations for example), and thinking it would be a fun thing to play where I literally only knew three people in the crowd, I decided to throw down some Michael Jackson to what ended up being an appreciative-yet-horrified audience. After hanging out for a while, we called it a night for the big weekend of hopeful productivity that lay before us.

During the course of last week, I discovered a new way to work on songs as we passed ideas for song styles back and forth over the phone, and then would send her examples via email of recorded tracks. This way since we only had the weekend to crack something out, a lot of the busy work (not fun editing stuff and me cussing at my computer) would be out of the way. We got a full song recorded by Sunday afternoon, and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. She has a really pretty voice (she's Australian too), and oddly enough I've never had the chance to work with a female singer before. It's definitely something I need to try again in the future. The song is totally different style wise than what I normally do, but very cool and the result of a really fun and positive collaborating experience. It was also a breath of fresh air trying to help someone develop their style, and taking on a different musical hat than I am used to. Brian (or as he's now been dubbed "B-Real") helped as a great set of extra ears and offered up helpful insight when we hit a few lyrical walls mostly because he speaks American darn good like. Unfortunately, I can't say what the song is for at the moment but I can tell you that she's working on a very cool multi-media experience that I'm excited to be a part of and will let you know more about in the near future...

This week I continue to work on my goal of getting my yet-to-be-titled E.P. out before TJ Sherrill and I hit the road for a week-long tour in October. TJ also kindly invited me on a few dates he had booked this month in Idaho for the weekend of the 24-26th, and I'm really looking forward to those dates as well.

In closing, we've had a lot of guests come into town in the last month or so, and because of that we've had some experience on what "Seattle" things are a hit and those that don't really end up being so much fun. Wanting to show Gigi a good time and throwing the go-to-list of ideas out the window, we ended up where Mandi and her crew were, and the place where all the classy ladies go...PIONEER SQUARE. For some reason I always feel like an old man down there, and maybe it's because I had a feeling that the bass player of the band playing wasn't trying to be funny by wearing the GOOD CHARLOTTE T-Shirt...

Still, Brian and I redeemed our host selves by ending up where everyone must go while in Seattle...DICK'S. Ah, the perfect combo of the Small Coke, greasy fries, one Deluxe, one cheeseburger, 1:00 AM masterpiece that you'll find only in Seattle.

Just don't eat it for lunch, or you'll go comatose...this advice is my gift to you.

Did I mention I learned how to swear like an Australian? Nice...

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