Sunday, August 12, 2007

In The Lab. Issue #10

Since it's about 2 months from now that TJ Sherrill and I will be hitting the road for a week-long tour, it's about the time to start booking dates and seeing which venues would be great to play for a first time out. Obviously we're not gonna be in the best of spots for our time around, but also we don't want to be playing the pizza parlors on the flip side of the coin. This is the challenge, and also something I want to get right as I remember the jaunt that LAYMANS TERMS did down the west coast in 2002. We were really eager to get out for an adventure, but found that when we got to our musical destinations in Portland, Oakland, etc...they were not the best of places. In fact, and I'm dead serious, both dates we played consisted of NO ONE in
the crowd except for our tour buddy Star, and the bartenders! First date we cried, and second date couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculousness...
So obviously as strangers in a new town, we are hoping to play some venues that have a natural draw, and fit well with the demographic we feel our music connects with. Mine obviously being senior citizens, and I won't speak for TJ because I don't know who he's going for...
Seriously though, I'm going to be really glad when it's all booked and we can get all the busy work out of the way!


Matt and I have been working hard on getting a full set prepared so COLLIDER can get the rock out to the masses before the end of the year. As I stated in earlier blogs, I had some concerns at first how I was going to write differently for COLLIDER by collaborating with Matt, and make it sound separate from my solo material. At this point I feel like it's a non-issue and that the material is different enough as it's own entity.

"The Lo"

There's not really much new to share this week other than I am in the process of recording the final two songs for my E.P. It's been exciting, and a bit of a challenge for me as it's my first solo release. I've found it challenging in the fact that not only has it been almost 5 years since I've officially released a new album, but a bit of a mental challenge as well. I've also found when you are in a full band setting that there is no shortage of opinions, and though that poses it's own set of issues, it keeps the ball rolling constantly as everyone hopefully has the same goal. Working alone, you are obviously only accountable to yourself and the mind game that comes with it. In my case, I've found that constant forward motion is the key as I know I have the tendency to over-analyze my work which gets me stuck in the occasional case of analysis-paralysis (if you've been reading my blog you know what I mean...).

In the past, I used to think of my albums as something that needed to represent me for a long period of time, and now it's a lot more fun and freeing to think of them as "snap-shots" for a moment...

I'm really curious in seeing how this E.P. will be received, and can't wait to get it in everyone's hands. That's all for this week, gotta keep working! :)



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