Monday, October 8, 2007

Wii Now Pronounce You Man and Wifey. Issue #18

Gigi Edgley was in town again this past weekend to put the finishing touches on her E.P., and I just got back from Mastering at Mark Guenther's Seattle Disc Mastering. It has been a fun whirlwind getting the E.P. finished and I can't believe it's done. Time flies...

I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and it sets the mark as the first album
I've produced for another artist, and for which I'm listed as a co-writer. It was a truly collaborative environment for which we each brought our strengths to the table; Gigi's being her energetic ideas and voice, and mine being swearing at the computer in multiple languages (still working on African "Click" dialect). More news regarding release date when I find it out, but you can always check Gigi's site for more details.

Yesterday, Mandi and I attended my friend Scott Taylor's wedding downtown. Scott is a friend I met while playing HALO 2 with years ago online, and we became warriors in our mutual addiction. It was a really great ceremony and great to see him as well since he moved to New York a year ago. One of the coolest parts of the wedding (see picture) was the top of the cupcake tier and the fact the the little "bride and groom" figurines were exact copy action-figure models of their Wii characters. TOO COOL! I want some to give away with my CD (and maybe for going on battles with the X-Men before Mandi comes home...what am I saying...I mean WHEN she gets home).

It was actually the first time I met his wife as well..."Hello, I know you are wondering who this guy is walking around eating all your POCKY, but I really was invited."
There also was a photo booth where the pictures were free and printed out two copies; one for you and one for the bride and groom. I throw out gang signs on instinct alone...

As I've been talking about for weeks, TJ Sherrill and I will be hitting the road this Thursday for an 11-Day/8-Show tour. That means no blog entry next week (WHA!?!) since we'll be driving all day, but expect a GINORMOUS super-sized issue (comic geeks, you KNOW what I'm talking about!) when I return in the form of a detailed account of our journey across the misty north and running from inbreds.

Here's the packing list I came up with as I get ready for departure...

Note from Mommy (maybe not mine, just somebody's)
Uncanny X-Men Issue #117 (You know, the one where Storm unleashed the lightning bolt freeing Wolverine from the clutches of Magneto as he has him pinned to the wall magnetically keeping his claws at bay? Anyone? Uhhh...)
Graham Crackers
Batman T-Shirt
I.D. Braclet (If I get lost, and/or scared)
Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream (yes baked, if any Granolas are wondering)

So, I think that's the list, and feel free to let me know if there's anything you think I forgot or might need not listed. You'd hate to read about a story two weeks ago and feel really guilty you didn't give me the heads up...or laugh, which is what I'd do.

Be well and see you on the other side!


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Deirdre said...

What a great idea!

Have fun on your road trip!