Monday, October 1, 2007 Issue #17

So, it took me a while to get this guy up and running, but I'm happy to say that my new site was delivered this morning a healthy URL, and looking just like his Dad. Yeah! Thanks to Matt for helping me navigate my way through the murky waters of the internets. The waters are
deep and treacherous...

Seriously though, it will be a lot easier to have all the goods and links in the same place (what a concept!). I also have included what will be a rotating mix of video clips and photo albums from shows that I thought people would enjoy. Nothing too flashy, just a clean set of info for supporters and curious passers-by to get a full taste of what I do. What do I do again?

As stated last week, I wanted to share the track listing for my new album,
"SONGS FROM THE ORANGE ROOM", which will be released in mid-November. The CD release show will be Wednesday, November 28th at The Highdive in Fremont. I'm very thankful and excited to have my good friends Matt Edington, Ian Caruso, and Mark Wooten performing with me as my band, and I'm really excited how the songs are shaping up live.

Some of the songs you may have seen on my myspace page before, those being demo versions having since been re-recorded and tweaked. The line up goes like this...


So, there you go!
As always, I'm looking forward to getting it in everyone's hands, and I hope November comes quick 'cause I'm ready!

My sister and her boyfriend Josh flew in from Hawaii on Friday and are freezing as you can imagine. It's been nice having them here since I don't see my family that often, and if you remember, Josh was the one who shot a few photos for me a year ago when I was in L.A. to meet with the "Beyond The Break" folks. Speaking of that, I should have the episode name and time for when my song ("Thicker Than Leather") will be featured in the near future for everyone. I'm really curious to see what context the song will be featured in. Emotional teen moment? Bodacious surfing montage? Hmmmm, we'll have to see...

As you can see on my new site, there's a big list of up-coming shows for my
"Those Aren't Pillows" tour with TJ SHERRILL (I'm a big John Candy fan). Next week I'll give a play-by-play on the shows we have booked, and which performance-enhancing cocktails were recommended to me by my personal research team to up my tour endurance...

Have a good week and enjoy some videos!

Sleepy, not dying...

Prepare to have your mind blown...

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