Monday, December 10, 2007

Now What?/6-Month Recap. Issue #27

O.K., I am partially back among the living now, at least enough to write something that might be interesting. This has to be one of the worst flu bouts I've had in a while, and I am ready to be out it the world (shoreline?) again.

Hmmm...lot's I wanted to write about last week. Let's start with the "SONGS FROM THE ORANGE ROOM" CD Release show at the HIGHDIVE. Lots of fun, and I hoped everyone enjoyed seeing new full ban lineup. Seems like there are lots of new people around that had never been to a LAYMANS TERMS show before and thought that I was just a acoustic artist and were slightly confused. That's funny because I always thought people were confused when I would just play solo which used to be the exception until the past year when that's how I've been playing mostly. I really enjoy playing with the new band, and I hope you got to rock out!

It had been about 5 years since my last CD Release show (LT's "Everything You Love And Hate"), and the event in itself has always served as a "Christmas like" event for me; something you looked forward to for months and put a lot of weight into thinking it was the most fun you would have all year. Not so much self-pressure was put into this one, and I think that is kind of representative of the way music has changed for me, probably in a good way. Instead of having it be the end all personal inventory event of the year, I viewed it as more of a snap-shot in time and more of a celebration of accomplishment with friends. I found the whole process of recording, promoting, and organizing the event much different experience-wise since it was under my name instead of a separate band identity. In some ways it was a lot harder being all on my plate, and in many other ways much more fulfilling when success's came and challenges were overcome in the process. A year ago, I thought a solo CD Release would be years away and for that I'm very thankful in having been given the tools to speed up that process...

That said, I've been thinking while sitting with a head full of goop on the couch this week (and watching "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"...I'm sorry) that perhaps I've let the focus of this blog slip a little bit. When I started it, it was all about the process and bringing readers on the journey of how the hell I was going to make getting back into doing music as a job. I think I've done that mostly, but I know I've let explaining the process (as short and painlessly for you as possible) get away from having print time. Maybe people don't mind, but until I get comments saying "STOP WRITING ABOUT THAT" I think I may explore it a little more....


A: First and foremost, I know many of you have forgotten where the record stores are in your area (what's a record store?). If this is the case for you don't worry, I've got your back....

You can find "SONGS FROM THE ORANGE ROOM" on iTunes for $6 by downloading directly HERE!

If you would like a physical manifestation of the album, feel free to hop in your suburban northwest vehicle and go to EASY STREET RECORDS on lower Queen Anne, or your nearest SILVER PLATTERS. Stocking stuffers friends, stocking stuffers...

Here's a picture of my dudes and I before the CD Release show! I love this picture.

We also had local photographer Heather Canik film the show on her SUPER nice camera (2 shots still and roaming), for a nice video to be put together in the next month or so. I've seen the footage and it looks great! Now if we can only piece together enough footage where I'm not standing there playing while catching flies like a mouth breather. "Art imitates life imitates art imitates..."

As I stated last week, I wanted to do a little 6 month/half-way point re-cap for this year long deal I signed on for with ISLAND FILM GROUP. So far I've gotten to do some pretty cool stuff in the form of the following below...

#1: Record a solo album.
#2. Get a full performing band together and release the album.
#3: Sell a song to a T.V. show, "Beyond The Break" ("Thicker Than Leather" off SFTOR).
#4: Record and release my first produced E.P. for another artist in the the form of Gigi Edgley's "...SO IT SEEMS".
#5: Play a 10 date tour with TJ SHERRILL.

I feel that these things have set the path for what I am hoping to accomplish in the next 6 months. First and foremost, I need to do everything I can to promote the disc, and with that brings more touring, and more playing out of the Seattle area.
On top of staying fresh with my own material, ISLAND FILM GROUP has some projects coming down the pipeline I need to start preparing for and once I can share I will pass it on.

Gigi Edgley and I are also looking to do some performance dates in the late winter/early springtime, and TJ and I plan on expanding the tour radius as we step into 2008. As always, I'm sure there will be some unexpected steps along the way and I'm welcoming those too...:)

Next week I'll talk some more about COLLIDER and clear up the difference between that and the Kyle Stevens Band a little more in-depth...

P.S....hope no one got to flooded earlier in the week. My garage did a little bit and I became and expert in water diversion as my yard was dug up to create some different drainage paths. I was feeling sorry for myself until I saw pictures of our friends in Chehalis. NOT GOOD. Stay dry, and see you next week...


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