Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Hulk, Pass The Deluxe". Issue #49

This past weekend was one that I look forward to every year...The Emerald City Comic Con! This year was the best of all as the venue had been moved from the halls at Qwest field to a nicer space at The Washington State Convention Center. I was fortunate to have an insiders look into the con due to the fact that Gigi Edgley was a special media guest this year. Since she was in town, we had the opportunity to play a few songs off of the E.P. we did together last year and performed in one of the panel rooms on Saturday afternoon.

It's always been important to me to be able to personally thank those whose art I have enjoyed for many years whether they be musicians or artists, and the con has always been a place where I know I will have that opportunity to do so. I continually have found the comic and art community to be made of of some of the nicest people of any medium I have been involved with, and every year I make it a point to walk up to my favorite artists/writers and tell them how much I love their stuff. On top of that, for only 20-40 bucks you can have some amazing one of a kind art commissioned for you personally on whatever subject you wish.
Usually, I get my favorite artist to draw their flagship character or a personal favorite of mine, but this year I thought I'd try something different.

I have always thought it would be too cool to have amazing artists do album work for me, but since that's not something I need right now I went for the next best thing.
I decided to ask to have interpretations of my album cover done instead of characters and what you see below is the product of that. I hope to be using them in the near future for flyers and possible t-shirt designs as well. I love them!
Just one step closer to having Jim Lee do my album graphics...

A heads of for this weekend! The band and I will be performing at the University Street Fair this year on Sunday, May 18th. We'll be at the 43rd Street Stage and right now it looks like it's gonna be perfect fair weather, and perfect ROCK conditions as well. There's no admission so come on down and join us as well as the guaranteed lot that will still be championing for Ron Paul's candidacy...

Before I go, does anyone else think that the picture above of HULK eating Dick's is just about the coolest thing you've ever seen!?! I think I see a tattoo in my future...



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