Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Island Time. Issue #51

This week I'm in Hawaii visiting my family, but wanted to share something I found recently...

Every few days since my video came out I check YouTube to see how many new views it has had.

You know, GUY STUFF.

Normally when I type in "Kyle Stevens" to find it, my video is the first thing you see. That is, with the exception of last Wednesday of course.


Now, not many people know this but my biological father was a body builder in Seattle for many years before moving to California. This is not a joke.

Done laughing? Good, I'll continue.

Like I was saying, he was a body builder and now makes a living as a personal trainer. After seeing this, I thought how ironic it was given my paternal history and how that could have been me should I have followed in my father's footsteps. Instead, I'll credit a long bout with pneumonia and a Pearl Jam cassette tape for my shortcomings...

I think upon seeing this I developed a fantasy of some long lost friend from high school finding that and thinking IT'S ACTUALLY ME. Too bad I couldn't materialize right then and there if it happened, but just thinking about it makes me happy.

Too bad if they did though...I look WAY better in a gray speedo.

Howlie Out,



Elwood said...

GUY STUFF indeed.

Anonymous said...

The name Kyle Stevens was already taken by the guitarist in Bang Tango. So you might want to try being a bit more original cause I tell ya - you gusy are super different! He's so super cool!!

Not sure if you even know who Bang Tango is but they were a pretty popular 80's band with a few cd's under their belt. You look much too young to understand!