Monday, July 28, 2008

Spokane Bound. Issue #60

Last week's show at HOTWIRE COFFEE was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed trying out some new songs to a crowd of regular show attendees and locals wondering who was infiltrating their local spot. TJ SHERRILL opened the night, and he and I closed the evening with a song we wrote on tour last year called, "Mexican Jail". It's a little song that could be compared to the INDIGO GIRLS stylistically and features traded off verses about stumbling across the border and getting captured by Federales. If it's true when they say to write what you know, then we have no business playing this song but in the few times we've played it it always gets a good reaction. Unfortunately, we didn't have the awkwardness of sharing the same mic. "So close I can hear you breathin'...."

Last week I re-read a script that was sent to me by new friend Todd Downing who is a local director. The script is for a film called "Duo" that follows the adventures of two friends over a weekend. I don't want to say more about it (not my thing), but was happy to be asked to be involved in some way with the soundtrack of the film. This will be new territory for me and a good challenge considering I'm in a bit of a new song rut this past week with other stuff on my mind...

In that category would be the fact that I am in the process of hiring a new publicist. Until now, most of my promotion has been self-contained so I thought it was time to let a professional out of the gates and see what happens. In talking to them I found we had a lot of the same visions and that is always a good thing. More on this as it develops...

Attention Spokane Friends! I'll be making the trip over the pass to perform this Saturday, August 6th at CATERINA WINERY. This was originally a full band trip, but do some current personnel changes going on in KS HQ I'll be performing acoustic and and will be joined by my lead guitarist Matt creating textures and animal sounds. It's only my 2nd appearance in Spokane in the past year and I'm really ready to come back. Check my website for details!

If you haven't gone to see THE DARK KNIGHT yet...DO IT!!! Amazing film that takes it's subject matter seriously (Batman), and treats the genre with the respect that it deserves. And amazing work of art that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves a good movie in general. I'm usually not a fan of symphonic driven movie soundtracks, but once you see it you have to respect how much the sounds complement the visuals throughout. Hans Zimmer is the man.

"You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian."
-Harvey Dent


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