Monday, September 22, 2008

Dorms and Wine. Issue #68

My little bro Mateo flew in from Hawaii last week to spend some days in Seattle before Mandi and I moved him up to the Western Washington University dorms. On Friday, we packed the car full of all the necessary domestic supplies that he needed from the 100,000 trips we made to Target...

I never did the going away to college thing (Community College represent!) so it was cool to see how the whole moving in process worked. It seems like the school will be a great place for him and it was interesting to see what my life would have been like if I didn't pursue music like I did by staying in Seattle. I can also see why so many of my friends refer to going away to school as one of the best periods of their life, and in some ways always trying to regain that time. It looked like he's gonna have a great 4 years, and made sure I had the obligatory big brother talk regarding guys our size not trying to keep up with the big boys in terms of drinking if only for the fact that he will die if he does. Literally, we Stevens/Galindez boys are made of baby parts; I'm not gonna lie. That is also his nickname and how he will be referred to on this blog from now on. Sorry Mateo, some things were just meant to be...

On Saturday I had the first in my series of winery shows I have booked for this fall with a road trip to Moses Lake to perform at KYRA WINES. Bruce and Kyra Baerlocher are the owners of the winery and I was honored when they asked me to play for their first wine event after moving into their new and larger facility. The drive over The Pass was really beautiful and I'm seriously looking forward to more shows in Eastern Washington for that reason as well. It was a long day after the 4 hour drive, the 3 hour performance, and the drive back but was completely worth it and I look forward to returning for their future events.

Being that it was such a long show, I referenced my "Master Song List" that I'd been compiling over the past 6-months or so that contains every song I've written over the past 4-years including songs from KS Band, COLLIDER, and a few LAYMANS TERMS songs that I still enjoy playing. Not counting the KIRBY KRACKLE material that we're working on or the few covers I play, the existing playable material reaches the count of approx. 80 songs. Damn!

I had no idea I had that much stuff, and thankfully it allowed me to put together 3 sets for the show that I've listed below for those who are interested in that sort of thing...

Set #1:

Everyone (Instrumental)
Mexican Jail
With You
The Last Time I Was Bored
I Never Missed You More Than When I Was Not Around
Memories Of Us (Rodney Crowell)
Sun Takes You Home
Getaway Car
Hey, Jealousy (Gin Blossoms)
Vouch For Me
Blue Sky Thoughts (Gigi Edgley)

Set #2

Turn Another Page (Instrumental)
Getting Better
Thicker Than Leather
Japanese Girlfriend (New Version)
Big Green Wheels
Always Remember
The Actor
Sparkle And Fall
Anna Marie (Acoustic Version)
Always Love
Holding You
Big Purple Robe
Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)

Set #3

This Is Not A Love Song
Roman Candle
Counting On You
Perfect Disaster
Backdrive (Acoustic Version)
Matches In The Walls
Tony Stark
River Valentine
Turtle Parts

Lots of songs, lots of fun, and if I keep playing sets this long the usual 45-minute show will seem like a blink of the eye me thinks.

I spoke to my new publicist the other day and there's been some really good album critic reviews for SONGS FROM THE ORANGE ROOM coming in that I hope to have posted in the next week or so!
Kyle Stevens - Songs from the Orange Room

Hope everyone is doing well these and slipping in nicely to the new season by keeping a good book close and your lovies even closer...

See you in 7!


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