Monday, September 15, 2008

Huff And Puff. Issue #67

I posted a bunch of new shows away from Seattle for later this Fall (see my show widget), and will be playing this Saturday at Kyra Wines in Moses Lake. The winery will be having their Fall tasting event on September 20th and tickets are $35 each for dinner and wine tasting. For more info or to reserve a place at the event by emailing

I'll be playing for 3 hours that night, which is one of the many reasons I've taken up running again. Now I know I'm a little guy, but the late 20's metabolism shift seems to spare no one, including me. When I perform solo, it's pretty chill stage energy wise but earlier in the summer at the COLLIDER shows I noticed that I was getting winded by some things that never had affected me before and was hinted the fact that I might not be in as good a cardio-shape as I have been in the past.

Too much information? Possibly, but this blog is about the good AND the ugly side of music...

Seriously though, I realized that that was NO GOOD and decided this summer to get back into some good exercise habits. I was a hardcore swimmer up until the end of High School and though I LOVE swimming, the thought of starting with running was a little more convenient. I'm not the music guy that has a pool in the backyard...yet. ;)

I've been trying really hard to consistently get up @ 6:00 AM and head out for what I tracked out to be 2.8 miles, and religiously doing some yoga DVD's that were recommended to me for about 4 days a week. My hope is that I can develop some long term habits (besides having to have the toilet paper roll face a certain way) and that it all will benefit my performing and inspire the writing with all the good chemicals flying around in there. Honestly, I'm pretty envious of fellow performing musicians that can eat like crap, drink like fish and can perform without being worse for it. Me, I'm not built like that for whatever reason and there's NO way in hell I'm letting people pay for tickets to see somebody sing half ass cause their butt needs to start running. Maybe it's just me, but that's what I expect out of performers I see at shows.



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