Monday, October 6, 2008

The Katka's. Issue #70

Thanks for all the kudos emails I received this week regarding last week's post announcing my "Thicker Than Leather" spot on BEYOND THE BREAK. Glad you all got a kick out of it and hopefully there will be more spots like that in the not so distant future!

I've really had my head in the ground this past week recording the KIRBY KRACKLE record, and seem to be focused on little else. That's good for getting stuff done but not for sanity so you can imagine I was pretty excited to let loose and dance it up at my good friend Noah Katka's wedding....

Noah's been a friend for many years and was gracious enough to invite me to live with him in his newly purchased house from 2003-2004 until Mandi and I were married. He's a firefighter for the Seattle Fire Department, and his new wife Shannon is a teacher at Ballard High School. Together, they make a cute-couple VOLTRON.

Yeah I know, every summer there seems to be a few blog entries dedicated to weddings but with all the craziness going on right gotta acknowledge the lovie times.

Next week? The COOLEST thing I learned all summer!!!

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