Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rotting Never Felt So Good. Issue #73

*Show alert!*

After a few dates in Eastern Washington in the first part of November, I'll be playing my last local show before the end of the year on Saturday, November 29th! The night will be at The Kiss Cafe in Ballard; a cute little spot that caters to the singer-songwriter sort (that's me) and pairs their entertainment with equally delicious food and drink. Being that it's Thanksgiving weekend (and no cover), feel free to bring out your out-of-town guests and all-ages crew with food served until 9:00 (that's when the show starts), and drinks until 12:00.

For my 29th Birthday, Mandi threw me a party and invited a few of our closest friends for a low-key pumpkin beer and carving extravaganza. We did the same thing last year but decided to spice it up a little with a twist and make it into a "Zombie Party".

Being a horror movie wuss and not a gore liking person, it surprised me a lot that within the last year I've really become obsessed with "Zombies", and the concept of the "undead" in general. Being a comic buff, a few years ago I was introduced to Robert Kirkman's "Walking Dead" series by my friend Ian (go get it NOW) and it just kind of exploded into unhealthiness from there. I dream about them often, and when I do they mostly revolve around my grandmother's house and fending off an onslaught of ghouls while armed with guns and knives. Yes, I've talked to someone about this...

Everyone dressed and was a good sport about it in humoring my love of the undead and the costumes were really impressive! The phrase heard most throughout the entire evening?

"My face is itchy."

Enjoy the pictures!



Ferretnick said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had.
Hope you didn't run out of brains for the guests.

Elwood said...

While I loved seeing all of the Zombie-fied peeps, I think the neatest thing was the comic book spinner rack. I need to get me one of those.

TD said...

I'm sorry we couldn't make it - prepping for the GF move-in and our own Celtic New Year do. But I hope your 29th year is amazing!

And thanks for the invite to have Buzzkill Bride to open for ya. We should have a set ready to go by spring.