Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meet Kent Harris. Issue #90

Meet Kent Harris, the new bassist for COLLIDER!

After former Collider bassist Mark Wooten played his last show with us in June of last year, we decided to take some time off of playing to concentrate on finishing our debut album. It was a hard decision as we were just getting on a roll show wise, but playing seemed a bit redundant without having an album to back it up and if we didn't take a break the record would never happen. So as stated last week, for the past 8 months we holed up in our respective studios and worked with local engineer Don Gunn to capture a sound we'd be excited to share with our fans. Sure I could record bass on the album (one of the funnest parts of the summer truly!), but that didn't mean that I could do it live. After a few auditions that would have worked but didn't feel quite "right", I decided to look in my own backyard and found Kent still wondering the musical woods.

I met Kent in 2004 by forming ULTRAVIOLET right after LAYMANS TERMS broke up, and quickly decided I liked him mostly because up until that point I didn't have any friends with red hair. I value diversity... Seriously though, Kent plays bass how I like to hear it; a heavy lean towards melody that supports the song without overplaying, and the versatility to support everything from the uplifting chorus to the chugging bass-driven riff. He also spent some time as a front man for his own group in the early 90's so he gets that part of what I do in conjunction to his role as the supporting low end. Fitting seamlessly into the chemistry of the group, you'll be able to show him some love at the Collider CD release this Spring...

Because I know he's strong in many styles of sound, Kent has also been tapped to fill the bass position in KYLE STEVENS BAND/KIRBY KRACKLE live-band which started practices this past week as well. Keeping with the theme, ex-Ultraviolet drummer Nelson Estes assumes the role of beat maker and I'm happy to finally have a backing band for my more "Rock-Poppy" solo material and for the times KIRBY KRACKLE needs a fuller sound than just me. With Collider being a more dark rock-club appropriate band, I'm looking forward to KS Band playing lots of festivals and outdoor events this spring/summer!

In other KK news, we leave this Thursday for the second of the spring comic-convention appearances to set up at WONDERCON in San Francisco. We'll be selling 2/27-3/1 at the Moscone Center downtown, and hopefully I'll have time to meet up with the friends that have down there in the recent 5 or so years including ex-Laymans Terms bassists Matt Campbell and Dylan Atari. Wow, there really is a bass theme this month isn't there? Maybe they move down there to get away from me? I guess Kent better get a bag ready just in case.

But like my mom always said, 4 strings are better than 6. No, you're right, she never said that. Ok, I'm done...

Looking forward to GHOSTBUSTERS 3,


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