Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shootin' Up. Issue #115

Not what it sounds like, though I realize it's believable due the fact I exemplify the rock n' roll lifestyle of hard living and debauchery. Oh excuse me...my cup of mint-chamomile just got done steeping. I'll be right back...

Ok, like I was saying about this week's blog title it more appeals to the fact I've been taking a lot of pictures this past week mostly cause I got a little obsessed with a new iPhone app called "Shake-it Photo. It's a Polaroid simulator that converts your mobile photos on the spot, even having you "shake" the photo to watch it develop. I think it's kinda genius, and the results are at least to my non-photo snob eye pretty cool looking. Picture of a toothbrush with a normal filter? BORING. Like a Polaroid? Cinematic?

Either way, for someone who has always wanted one but was to lazy to actually buy it...this is a 99-cent dream. Fun stuff and all the pictures in this week's entry use it.

I started trying to prepare healthy meals again this week, mostly due to the fact my system seems a bit off from stress. When LAYMANS TERMS broke up 5 years ago, I started to channel my creative juices into learning how to cook with my newly found block of free time. From BBQ to a disgusting (but Sunset mag endorsed) Cantelope soup, I tried my hand at eating well at home for a while until life started to get busy again thankfully. I don't eat like crap, but I can't say my body is a temple of raw foods. This week I tried a dish of rutabaga-turnip-parsnip pork loin with rosemary infused in it. Didn't taste as fancy as it may sound, but I think I'm gonna start experimenting again with stuff so if you have cool recipes for the kitchen novice please pass them my way! Betty Crocker can step...

I went to see TJ Sherrill play Friday at Willows Creek Winery in Woodinville. Kirby Krackle keyboardist Bryce also plays with TJ, and it was cool to hear them flesh out more and more the new songs on TJ's soon to be recorded 2nd album. He and I have been getting together occasionally and throwing around ideas for it and I think it's going to kick ass. Great songs and and definitely the next level sound for him.

This weekend I head into the studio with KK for the first recording date set to put the new album down on tape. Jim and I started down the dubious yet exciting task last week of writing for the new album and after a few days of staring at a blank screen we're starting to find our groove. The mantra of the sessions is "we can only get in our way", which is true. The "artist thing" is a real dilemma that most creative types face of trying to recreate what worked before, but move forward at the same time in an non-repeating way that evolves but brings your fans with you. It'll mess you up if you think about it too much, so like last album our goal is to write some songs that WE would like to hear and would make US laugh. From the start though we both can see that it's going to be much heavier both in sound and in some topics. It will be interesting to see how it turns out...

Oh, and the winner of the name my FAIL Blog picture contest? That goes to an anonymous (why no name?) entry with the title...."Don't eat the Gyoza."


Thanks for all the entries mailed and commented, and see you next week with a studio weekend wrap-up!

"Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?"


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