Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to Rock At 8:00 AM. Issue #116

This past weekend Jim, the Kirby Krackle live band, and I went into the studio to lay down a song we were commissioned to write and record for the Long Beach Comic Con. I'll post the song in a few weeks, but I'm really happy with the way it turned out and plan on using it for the new album to be released in January/February as well. It's the 2nd time the live band and we have gone into the studio and had the goal of knocking out one finished song in 12 hours. There's check points that I've found we need to be at for certain points during the day but surprisingly we made it happen again without it sounding like a rush job. Pretty old-school feeling and can't believe they used to do that in one day for 10 songs. Wow.

Stylistically, I can already tell this next album will be a lot harder edged but still very melodic and fun like the last album. Think harder Ryan Adams meets Foo Fighters meets Flight Of The Conchords and that'll give you a more accurate idea. Bryce our keyboardist and Nelson our drummer are really helping raise the bar and the chemistry between all of us is at a really good place in understanding the roles we each have. Nelson keeps the beats deep and heavy, Bryce thinks of rhythms I never have, and Jim makes fun of me when I have to do a guitar take 20 times. We all have our roles...

This weekend KK heads to the FAN EXPO in Toronto, another city that I've never been too. We'll be there for 5 days and though I probably won't be able to see the city in the day like other conventions, I hope to experience some of what I've heard about the fun Toronto nightlife. And when I mean nightlife, I mean hopefully TCBY is open past 10...

When we return to Seattle, I'm on a plane two days later to open up for Norah Jones in Hawaii for the state writers conference. I'm pretty excited about that, and definitely have a few butterflies to work out before then. Will Ravi Shankar be there? Hmmmmm.

I've posted a few videos so you can see some of what happens in the sessions. It's not really coke and strippers as much as it's Naked Juice, skinny white legs and Doritos. We all have our vices...

See you if I return from Canada!

"You can do it, put your ass into it." - Ice Cube


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Jonah said...

I'm very excited to hear you guys are already working on new material.

And congrats on the Hawaii gig! That is fantastic :D