Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toronto Fan Expo. Issue # 117

Toronto. Home of the Blue Jays, Our Lady Peace (one of my favorite bands), and seemingly hordes of girls that like to dress up in raccoon ears. I don't pretend to get it, I just write songs...

Jim and I took the KK caravan of tricks to "The Queen City" for 3 days of hustle and our second appearance at a Canadian show. We had our best single selling day ever on Saturday, and ran out of albums on Sunday with 6 hours left in the show. That was a first both cool and annoying, but that way we got to walk around for once and check all the great goods and art. Felt good to get the juices back after a lackluster showing at San Diego and once again saw how Canadians get their "beyond nice" rep. It was great to catch up with the NYC Marvel gang again on Saturday night, see artist friends Laurie B. and Kandrix, and enjoy some fine local micro-brews I had never tasted. Alexander Keiths = good stuff. I also saw Spock! Looking good Leonard...

You never know who will be in the booth next to you at these conventions, but we were entertained all weekend by the ladies from UTERUS PARADE. Yes, you read that right. They create cute home crafted mini-comics about their adventures both real and made up, and sew crazy octopus plushy things with evil eyes. Awesome. They also drew us a picture of an endowed guitar which I can't post here (gotta protect the kiddies), but lets just say it takes a lot to set me back...which they did. Score one for them.

Because Jim is media whore (and that's why I love ya you big Greek bear), he managed to corner the film crew from CTV; the local news program that was doing a piece on the show. Being graced with the gift of gab, he set them up with a great interview that was aired that night. All weekend we had folks come up to us after having seen the spot and it was a lot of fun. You can follow the link below and we are featured at the 16:20 mark.

Only one more convention left of the year and it's gonna go off with a bang! For the weekend of October 3rd-5th the Long Beach Comic Con is flying the full band down for a big rock show benefiting the HERO INITIATIVE, a charity that helps out retired comic creative types needing funds for medical services. It's gonna feel really good to be involved with it and I'm really excited for a big rock California adventure.

Speaking of adventure (but maybe not the rock), I'll be leaving tomorrow morning for Hawaii to open for Norah Jones in the solo acoustic format. Been a while since I've performed my solo stuff since KK has been in my direct line of sight for the past months so I'm looking forward to busting those tunes out. The beach better be giving out sunglasses though...the pale white devil is on his way.

"Chaos is a friend of mine."
- Bob Dylan


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