Monday, September 21, 2009

Evasive Maneuvers! Issue #120

Evasive maneuvers! Evasive Maneuvers! *squawk! squawk* (that's a warning siren) *tap tap tap tap klang klang* (That's Sean Connery running through the halls), etc...

Yeah, you guessed it right, that's submarine lingo for when things are needing to be remedied. I know from the week I've spent on one. Well, not a week solid. If you added up the combined time of every school days field trip I've visited one, it would be around that much time. Basically, I know what I'm talking about, okay?

This week's entry is called "Evasive Maneuvers" because that is what needs to go down to avoid what I feel has been creeping up and something that I knew I'd talk about eventually here. What is that?

Writer's Block

Or more accurately, the heading in the direction of that big monster in the sea of creative type wackiness. It can be avoided I think, but sneaky ninja moves will be needed get me out the tractor beam of it's Death Star like pull. That's for the nerds who read this. You're welcome.

First off, I don't believe it the concept of "writer's block". I don't remember who is was that said it (too lazy to look it up), but it's the famous quote of "writers write" that I think sums up the need to put gravel on this slippery slope I find myself starting down. A combo of personal life stresses at the moment and the feeling like I "need" to write the best album of my life (the new Kirby Krackle disc) have got me in trapped like a deer in headlights (from a guy in a small penis truck probably). I don't have the "block" per say; the act of sitting there and being unable to do anything but drool, but more like whatever I do I think sounds like crap. That may be true, that may not be true. Still, something is not clicking that's needs to (and fast) and it's time to do something about it.

That said, I'm hoping that two things going on this week will bring me from the edge into newly found creativity...

First off, PEARL JAM concert on Tuesday 9/22. I've already done my love letter to PJ blog (see here) last year, so you know I'm more than psyched for this show. My birthday isn't until October 25th, but my good friend Reuben and KK conspirator Jim gave me an advance 30th birthday present that blew me away...2 tix to a VIP party before the show and then floor seats. Reuben is tag teaming the night with me and it's going to rule. No doubt the rock will be brought with a hellish fury of distortion and melody, and I hope it's a lethal injection of inspiration. I've followed these guys not as a psycho fan (really), but more as a student my whole life and now just feels like the time to be inspired again. Can't wait, and can't wait to share pictues from the night. Thanks Jim and Reuben. :)

Secondly, I'm going back to basics (not the Christina Aguilera record).
What that means is I've been compiling a playlist of the songs that inspired me to be an artist and continue to blow my mind today. The idea is I'm going to listen to this playlist religiously with hopes to click into the heart place and bring out the some winners. Part dramatic high school teenager, part maybe the best experiment I've ever done...I'm into the idea that something cool can come from this. The nominees are...

JEFF BUCKLEY "Eternal Life"
TEMPLE OF THE DOG "Say Hello To Heaven"
OASIS "Live Forever"
INDIGO GIRLS "Least Complicated"
WEEZER "My Name Is Jonas"
CROWDED HOUSE "Don't Dream It's Over"
LIVE "White Discussion"
R.E.M. "What's The Frequency, Kenneth?"
U2 "Lemon"
PEARL JAM "Animal"
FIONA APPLE "Never Is A Promise"

That looks like a solid list to me. Can you tell when I grew up? Nope, didn't think so...

Looking at the list you would think that the sound I'm going for is that of a middle-aged lesbian from Ireland that relocated to Seattle with dreads, a Les Paul, of a militant mind, and with severe daddy issues. Really, that's not a bad mix. Again, this isn't to recreate these songs but more of a "trip out to the woods" for a week to reconnect. It'll be interesting to see what comes out of this...

Before I go, feel free to check out the new coat of paint at Not a complete overhaul, but way more user friendly and specially more enjoyable for social networking freaks like you(?)...and me. :) Equivalent to Apple's "Snow Leopard", but I'm not charging you $29 bucks for it...yet.

See you on the other side of a self induced serving of tinnitus,


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