Tuesday, September 8, 2009

KIRBY KRACKLE Debuts LBCC Exclusive Single, "Going Home". Issue #118

First off, how is everybody? If you're like me, you're digging the feeling of summer coming to an end (where did it go?) and seeing the official transition into fall as the local microbreweries hit the shelves with their "Pumpkin Ale" offerings for 2009. I usually wait for October to partake in the nutmeg-iness, but this fall all rules are out the window...crazy I know, some would say edgy even...

This week KIRBY KRACKLE debuts the song that we recorded for the Long Beach Comic Con a few weeks back (you may remember the pictures). The song is called "Going Home", and documents our road trips to the different conventions over the past year as a nice cap musically and final offering single-wise for 2009. We were commissioned to do the song about anything we wanted subject wise, but it was a nice coincidence that it ended up being about a convention without pandering or being the show's "theme". First and foremost we're fans, and hopefully other fans like us can relate to the story. You can hear it via the player below, and also via our official site at kirbykracklemusic.com.


How do you get it? Well, since it's a convention exclusive only the fist 1000 attendees who want it at the convention receive it, but otherwise listen away for free. A ghost told me it won't always be unavailable though...

If you follow my twitter or facebook feed, you know by now that I didn't go to Hawaii to open up for Norah Jones due to the concert being canceled. Disappointing? Yes. That's showbiz, baby?? Yep. It's ok though, and I was able to take care of some stuff I needed to do in the meantime like paint, catch up with friends, and sort cherry tomatoes with my grandma. (?)
I hate tomatoes, but for some reason hers are like candy. The seniors and I do well together.

Last Friday, I received a call from good buddy TJ Sherrill to see if I could help him out accompanying him at his weekly gig at Willows Lodge winery. I didn't have enough time to learn the songs on guitar, but I could play drums for him no problem and luckily he let me keep the beats without yelling at me...too much. I don't play drums that often, but I'm competent with a simple trap-kit set up as long as I know how the songs go.

After seeing him many times over the past 5 years I felt good about pulling it off and I had a blast. Me in the corner with my skinny arms wailing away sipping on an expensive scotch was not I thought I'd be doing Friday (thought it would be more like lilikoi juice on Waikiki), but it was perfect. Good times!

This Thursday KK will be nerd-rocking the Highdive in Fremont with a 9:00 show. This show is not to be missed and will be a very, very fun night if you can make it! Opening for KK will be local nerdcore rapper BEEFY. He's great, and we're lucky to be sharing the stage with him. I'm also thankful to have my uncle Gary fill in on bass for this show in place of out-of-town regular bassist Scott. Gary taught me everything I know foundation wise for music, and it's going to be a trip to finally share a stage with him after 17 years of jamming at the house. It's gonna be a blast, and he's gonna blow the low end out.

That means, "he's good". :)

Check yourself before you wreck yourself,


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