Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mish Mash. Issue #125

I had a fun a relaxed birthday weeked filled with friends both local and visiting, and it was exactly what I needed. Been a while since I had a lazy weekend and mostly ate a lot and vegged around. Kudos (?) to Darci and Nikki for vandalizing my yard in the middle of the night again this year with a mix of streamers, plexi-forks lined up like spears, and inflated balloons. Always fun to practice my stabbing techniques on. Thanks for all the well wishes on the Twitters and The Facebooks. Made for fun reading and felt loved...even had a pie made for me. Good times. :)

The freakishness you see below is a puppet I had made for Kirby Krackle partner Jim by our friends Vicki and Britt, AKA..Uterus Parade. I am a big fan of their skillz and asked them to make a character stuffed "Jim" for his birthday and they knocked it out of the park. After responding to my initial offer with the comment, "This is the douchiest thing we've ever been asked to does ($) sound?", I was happy they were up to the job. The quality of design and stuffing is really amazing and please let me know if anyone else would like to get in touch with them regarding custom work. I was really happy with it and we got a lot of laughs from it. And to answer the girl's follow-up question; no, I didn't make out with it. The End.

Two new performance situations kicked off for me last week. First off, I'll be at Willows Lodge every other Wednesday as a residency through the rest of the year. I play from 5:00-8:00 (happy hour), and will be drawing from all my material in the solo acoustic format. I had a lot of fun this past Wednesday and my next appearance at Willows will be November 4th...

Secondly, on Thursday I made my debut with EXPLONE as their second on-stage guitarist; kind of a "Edgar Martinez" utility man to headcoach Patrick Porter's "Lou Pinella". That's still my Mariners...

Anyways, I've been a fan of Patrick's songs and his work with Explone for years and when he told me he was thinking of expanding his stage sound I told him first, "You're an idiot" (meaning as a fan I didn't want him to take away from his already gorgeous trio sound), followed by, "But if you do it, I want to be the guy". :)
Luckily for me he asked me to step in and the show was a blast. A good experience for me to have a whirlwind learning session up until the show, and to play guitar focused without having to sing for a change. Twice the jumps, and twice the ibuprofen the next day was how it all went down. Fun guys, and fun songs to play. What else do you need?

This week brings finishing a lot of the writing for the new KIRBY KRACKLE album to be recorded in the first week of December, and other random bits I'll go over next week. Still resisting turning on the furnace? I gave up. Weather change is a tempting mistress...



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Elwood said...

Super Happiest of Belated Birthdays, Kyle!!

Your 30s are gonna rock.