Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On Point (Trying). Issue #126

My life feels a bit like summer camp lately. Every day I get up, feed the dog, take a shower, and clock in for geek rock merit badge at 10:00 AM with Jim as he and I have been working hard to finish the writing for the new Kirby Krackle disc due out in early 2010.

Last year, we had a pretty lax schedule with writing the debut album since we started in February 2008, and really didn't have any responsibilities with the band other than we knew it had to be done 9 months later in December. This year with all the conventions, shows, and goings on we had a bit of a late start even though we knew basically what we wanted to do and a road map for the second album. The only difference this time was that we had the possible self-inflicted curse of over analyzing the process and the songs; something that was absent on the first disc if only because we had no idea how it would be received. Because of that I felt the album had a kinda freshness that worked well for us in our travels this year. So, what I'm trying to say is how were we supposed to sound like we "didn't care" again when we obviously do? Yeah, tell me if you know cause we don't, but upon solidifying the track list yesterday (whoo hoo!) I'm crazy excited to lay these songs down in the first week of December. Don Gunn will be co-producing the album this time with us after we gelled working on "Ring Capacity" and "Going Home"; both summer singles the KK put out in the summer and early fall. It was really important for me to make this disc the most hard rocking album I'd ever recorded (even more than Collider), but still fun and light-hearted in essence. If these rough versions are any indication, I'm thinking that's just what it will be. Excited! Mucho!

The rest of the month is getting our live band up to speed with the arrangements to take them into the studio as well. I decided to leave the drums and keyboards up to those who actually play them as their main instrument...what a concept, huh? More on this as it develops...

Hope everyone had a good Halloween! Me? I laid low and watched "Blood Diamond". Scary in and unto itself. No trips to Africa in my near future even though I'm 1/8 African American. No, I'm not joking. Seriously. Enjoy my friends Reuben and Lita as they joined up as the newest members of the Dharma Initiative! One season left, and then it's new jobs for them.

This is not Rick James, it's one of the past kings of Sweden. Confused? Me too.

On Sunday, I took a trek down to the Farmers Market in Ballard for a little home-grown goodness and bad white boy dreads. Luckily, the goodness eclipsed the scent of patchouli but I digress. Something about the vendor displays really struck me this time and made me unusually excited to eat a radish and/or a carrot. It had a really old-school vibe and everyone seemed happy on a crisp fall day. Even the guy screaming in the alley. Those were screams of joy. Also, a warning that blueberry vinegar samples, no matter how small, will peel your gums off. Learn from my mistakes. I also

This weekend I will be performing and DJ-ing at my friend Todd's wedding. DJ-ing is a loose term for an iPod operator but even the guy who writes down license plates in the parking garage has to take pride in his work. We all need a task, and if mine is pressing PLAY while scarfing down some risotto then I'm into it fully! I'm sure it will be a beautiful ceremony based around a beautiful meeting of two very cool people.
I love weddings.

Put em up in the air and wave em like you just don't care,


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