Monday, November 23, 2009

Sensitive Blood Suckers In The City Of Angels. Issue #129

Quick Reminder! Show this Saturday 11/28 at KISS CAFE in Ballard with Scott Andrew kicking it off at 8:30. No cover, all-ages, and beer. Thanks!

A few years ago after Laymans Terms broke up I was gearing up on my solo material and working on a new band name. It was an exciting time for me with all potential monikers choices in the ether and subsequently a nightmare for my inner circle. I guess hearing "what about this?" around 40 times a day for a few weeks got old. I can't understand why. The name I came up with that until just going with plain old "Kyle Stevens Band" was going to be "Kyle Stevens and The Twilight Militia". If I had a time machine I'd go back and buy myself extra cheese on my Whopper because after what I saw this past weekend, that wouldn't have been the best career choice...or would it have been?

I flew out early Thursday morning for a quick weekend to spend time with good friends and family in L.A. My friend had tickets for opening night and asked me if I would like to come because yes, no matter how inherently wrong, I try to be informed about all things in the entertainment world. Plus, I've had a thing for undead sexy vampire emo dudes ever since I was a little girl. Like James Brown said, "You don't know where you're going until you know where you've been". He also said he wouldn't be joining ZZ TOP cause they "weren't good enough to play his music". Don't know what I'm saying here, but I like people to be musically educated...

So like I said, we were there for the Twilight debut and after making "I'm sorry man" eye contact with the other 23 guys attending I settled down in my seat. After 20 minutes of previews the logo came up and the crowd LOST THEIR MIND. All of a sudden I was excited and I didn't know why. Well actually I do. When that much enthusiasm is generated in a large is completely infectious. Not excited was I for the movie itself, but excited that I had never been in an environment that was that crazy. When the wolf boy would take off his shirt and the vampire boy "Sparkled", it was like the Beatles walked on stage...That level of fan mania both audible and visual. Everyone should get a response like that sometime in their life. You'd remember it forever I think, and all societal problems may disappear along with your cilia. When the movie was done, the theater emptied and I think I even saw some tears as the crowd spilled out in the lobby in a feverish mix of hormones and B.O.. Amazing. I hope I'm that into something that hardcore in my lifetime...without the whole shaking thing.

What I find so fascinating about the whole experience and talking about it afterward is that the franchise is completely polarizing. Saying I went was like I said I voted for George Bush. The second time. The Kevin Smith video below breaks it down completely, but may not be for the younger of readers. If you're a parent, you're welcome. If you're a 12 year-old dude...quick before mom comes downstairs! If you like comic books, are a big fan of a band, or crazy about video games...YOU (and I) CAN'T SAY SHIT about this social movement. It's the same thing. The only difference is that that vampire guy is better looking than any of us guys complaining about it, but not to worry gentleman; Your mid-50's aged wife isn't going to leave you and your 13-year old girlfriend isn't emotional ready to date a 109 year-old in a teenager's body...You're safe. Now, go back to pretending you don't know the names of the characters to make you feel like a man...('s Edward).

In non-undead disturbing female (mostly) fantasy news...I ate like complete crap this weekend. That happens occasionally on fast weekend jaunts, mostly cause I love to try new places or foods in known of unhealthy places just for the experience. In obligatory fashion for Washington residents, I hit up IN-N-OUT the moment I got in and set the tone for my grossness the rest of the weekend. Cupcakes I never eat? Check. Donuts never consumed? Hell yes. If I may brag about the depths of disgusting I went to, the night before the movie we hit up a swanky place called "Chilis" (look it up). As part of their meal you are offered something called a "Sweet Shot". For a moment I expected "To Catch A Predator" to show up, but the camera crew never happened. *Sigh*. What a "Sweet Shot" turned out to be was what nasty choice of cake you would like stuffed into 3 small plastic buckets to consume and remind yourself you stopped swimming a few months ago. Brilliant, and only in America. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Spent a few hours in a local bookstore basically loitering and realized it's something I need to do more of. Classy upgrade? Instead of buying a funny book that I'll convince myself I'll read and never will (annoyingly time selective), I've found that for now taking a picture of it makes me feel good and like I've read it. That's called uneducated validation. The most fun of the bunch can be found below...

Met up with my sister on Saturday and I helped her and her husband destroy, then put back together a set for a photo shoot he had the following day. The whole premise was that of a spy couple wrestling money from each other, or a couple robbing a bank, or...I guess I don't really know. But it was cool to see all the prop money that had been rented as they put the briefcase full of scrilla together. Social experiment of doing the same and then spilling it everywhere at a downtown crosswalk may be in order.

We also visited a cool toy shop called "Wackos". I LOVED this place and need to win a spelling bee soon for a shopping spree to go down there. That big one eyed guy? $5000. Not sure it's worth that, but it was awesomely detailed in person. We slow danced.

That night for dinner we hit a new spot called "Umami" for Japanese-American fusion style burgers. They were a little more tangy than American fare, and the house "Umami Ketchup" was something I should have taken home with me. So Good! It was also the first time I had rice beer. I couldn't really tell a difference other than it was a little lighter in body (kinda like how rice milk is), and less filling. More room for Ketchup!

That's all I have for this week, and Happy Thanksgiving to all! Me? I'm thankful for my family, friends, my dog, and the fact that there are people who read this blog and those to seem to enjoy my music from time to time. Art and love when you break it down...that's what it be about? Yes.

Gonna be stuffed with stuffing,



Jake Faris said...

You're blogs are gold. Softly funny. And if you're wondering why rice beer tastes vaguely familiar, it's the leading ingredient in Budweiser (but they won't tell you that). Rock the house on Saturday!

kittyluvscolor said...

I love your blog. Makes me laugh. Oh this is kitty austin if you haven't figured that out yet. See you Sat.!

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