Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mountains Of Stuffing...Mountains Of Pain. Issue #130

I hope everyone had a great holiday with their friends and family, and the only thing more paralyzing than potential family passive aggressiveness was the amount of stuffing you ate. Mmmmm...gravy in my mouth hole! I had a nice weekend with the family flying over via the pineapple express and shacking up at my place for a few days. I learned how to make cranberries, get petrified mashed potatoes off a bowl, and wake my brother up via pots and pans banging above his head. Mean yes, but a moment of personal growth all should try once if you don't mind a sleep encrusted Puerto Rican coming at you right after...

I also became obsessed again with a new iphone app called "'Stachetastic" that lets you put beards on people. No one is safe!

The day after Thanksgiving we dragged our gordoness out of bed at 5:00 AM to hit the slopes for some snowboarding action up at Mt. Baker. Last year I had only managed to get to the snow once so I was itching to see if I still had skills, if you could call them that. Being that it was my first time up at Baker I was blown away with the scenery and the mountains that seemed like you could reach out and touch them. Way less packed than the regular destination Stevens, we suited up and purchased our tickets with the quickness and made our way to the chair lifts to head up the pinnacle. I'm really glad I took my camera and below is the view I had while hoping that the small metal cable didn't break above me...

When we got to the top of the summit we de-chaired without falling (YES!) and began our decent. What we found though was that the dreamland fresh powder we expected to curve in and out of was replaced by the stinging pain of the greek god Boreas and the landmines of ice rocks ready to impale you with the slightest fall. And fall we did. During the first 10 minutes we each hit the ground harder than we ever previously had and it was not unlike hitting concrete full speed. Now, I know rock guys don't even like to get their hair messed up (rustle our locks before a show and you'll feel the seething skinny bitterness), but I can and have taken some pretty nasty falls and walked them off. I kinda bounce. Not like this though. After my board slipped out from under me and the laughing ice slammed into my tail bone leaving me in a writhing middle-ground between crying and laughing, I decided I and my sore ass was done for the day. Walk of shame down the mountain? Yeah, but worth it cause I had a show the next day. The father busted his wrist up pretty bad as well and in a few hours looked like a mickey mouse hand which left me realizing it was no bueno for me to risk it. Responsible choices regarding bodily harm? My 30's are officially here I guess. Sigh. It's ok though because a few Arrogant Bastards in the Lodge made the world right and all forgiven...as long as I don't sit down. *tear*

That show I was referring to? Kirby Krackle bassist (and as shown talented singer/songwriter) Scott Andrew and I threw down in Ballard at the KISS CAFE for a night of stories and songs. Even thought it would be fun to pull the ol' Michael Jackson "Billie Jean" cover out which is always a blast to surprise new folks with. I had a great time, and the set consisting of songs from the past 5 years of projects and albums went down like this...

Sun Takes You Home (Collider)
Better (Laymans Terms)
Meet Me on The Stairs
Always Remember
I Never Missed You More Than When I Was Not Around
Mexican Jail
Leave The Light On
Fred Meyers
This Is Not A Love Song
Sparkle And Fall
Matches In The Walls
The Last Time I Was Bored
Hey Jealousy
Vouch For me


Counting On YOu
Up, Up, Down, Down
Back To The Beginning
Vault 101 (new song)
Naked Wii
Villain Song
Marvelous Girls
One Of The Guys

Billie Jean

On Sunday, KK partner Jim Demonakos and I went and had a photo shoot with our in town for the weekend L.A. residing photographer badass Joshua Stearns at Gasworks Park. The last press shots and album graphics we had shot took place in a comic shop, and now that most people know that that's what we're about we decided to get out in nature. By nature I mean stepping over guys in sleeping bags and feeling like heroin was all over everything I touched. Soaked them in Purell I did. Because of what Kirby Krackle is in essence, we have a pass to be a little goofier than other bands...and get away with it (hopefully). The "traditional" band shots (I can still here my mother telling me to remove my hands from my pockets 15 years ago) of course were snapped, and then things got crazy. Somehow the shoot morphed into battle scenes where we were attacking each other with ukuleles and crane kicks to the point if they end up being the shots we use people won't be surprised if we break up in the next 3 months. Hardcore yo, and a lot of fun.

Back on track with finishing up the arrangements on the new KK album after the holiday hijinks. Gonna try to avoid the malls for the next month and not let my issues get triggered regarding middle-age overly narcissistic white women in SUV's being ridiculous bent on getting their "holiday hair". Try is the word.

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