Wednesday, February 17, 2010

KIRBY KRACKLE Single Debut. Issue #141

This is a good week I'll tell you what! On Tuesday KIRBY KRACKLE debuted our new album cover, but most importantly our new single, "On And On". It's about a week in the life of Marvel Comic's WOLVERINE, and how his week is packed with some crazy adventure everyday until he can relax on Saturday and Sunday. You might a call it a "Working For The Weekend" for the nerd set. For those that don't read comics, the in-joke is that since he is such a hot franchise character and money maker, he is in so many Marvel books that if you lined them up in real time he'd be in 4 places at once. Still, Jim and I love that part of nerd culture and wanted to make a song professing our infatuation. Not about Hugh Jackman though, that's another song on another album...

The song is a riff I had accidentally came up with at a practice for my short lived band COLLIDER last year, and wanted to save it since I knew the band was dissolving. No sense wasting a good thing I felt, and a few months later developed it with Jim in the writing sessions for the soon to be released KK sophomore offering, E FOR EVERYONE. It sounds kinda manic to me in a good way in the verses, and then blooms into Rock-Pop goodness come the chorus. At least, that's what I tried to do and was really pushed in the harmony department by our producer Don Gunn. This record will be the most harmonies I've put down on a set of songs to date, and I'm really encouraged due to the fact I know that our bass player Scott can sing em' strong and true when the live shows come around. Hear the "claw sounds" in right before the first chorus? That was made by taking a set of kitchen knives and "slicing" them together over and over, as well as "tinging" them together. Take about 20 good recordings of each, layer them on top of each other, and then you have Wolvie claw sounds...I love it! You can listen to "On And On" via the player below...

Press kits

Last weekend my hetero life-mate TJ SHERRILL released his second offering since his 2007 "High Horse EP". The show was at Delille Winery in Woodinville and in usual fashion for one of our CD Release parties where we open for each other, TJ and band asked me to warm up the crowd with a 1/2 hour set. I had a great time playing in a glowy outdoor heated tent with tables and the smell of wine flowing throughout the night, and was extremely proud and happy for my friend and his long awaited new album. The sound marks a new direction for TJ in that though it still carries his signature pop hooks, it also is a bit darker and more layered production wise. It should be on iTunes in a few weeks and I'll be sure to let all know so you can take a listen for yourselves...

On Sunday I went to the musical SOUTH PACIFIC and the 5th Ave Theater for the first time. The music was great, the sets were spectacular, and it had been a long long long time since I had been to a musical. The music was so soothing though that I had a hard time keeping my eyes open. Mix 1 part low lights, 2 parts leads with amazing vibratos, and 3 parts soothing violins and you end up with my Kryptonite. Head bobs wha?! Yeah, it was great though and would recommend it to anyone...and their grandma.

This is Buster. He's 2 months old. He's a yellow lab. He also thought the backs of my knees were dog treats. Needle teeth. Ow.

A quick story that I though was worth sharing if only because the randomness of it all keeps me up at night. Over the weekend I went to Palamino, a nice italian joint in downtown Seattle for dinner. The waiter was a nice guy in his late 30's I'm guessing, not overtly friendly but very professional. He never cracked a smile nor was he ever establishing we had a "jokey vibe" or anything like that. This guy was just doing his job and that was fine. So, the part that is worth telling revolves around when I asked him if he'd please take a picture. He said yes and after handing him my camera he asked if we were ready. I said yes, and then he exclamied "Say Cheese!" followed by the flash. "One more", he said, followed by "Say Shit!", then the flash of the camera. No smile, no wink, handed the camera back and he was off. What? "Say Shit?". I don't know what that means but it was amazing randomness that will warm me the rest of the winter months.

Next week over in KK land we're making the new album available for pre-order so I'll make sure to link that info as well. Also, we'll be running down the track list in description mode next week and leading up until the release on March 9th! Be good!



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