Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Calgary Expo 2010. Issue #151

KIRBY KRACKLE is back from Calgary Expo and thus ends a full month of convention travel before we start back up again at the end of May. Like usual when I travel to the Great white north, I'm reminded how much more polite and pleasant the random Canadian stranger is compared to my fellow Americans. We're kinda asses sometimes...just sayin. I didn't play, but promised the disappointed attending fans (I know, I'm sorry!) that we'd be back this summer. Word is bond.

If I can be honest, and even though we had a blast, I'm kinda worn out and crispy from the month and looking forward to detoxing/revitalizing during the month of May. Hey, I know the plethora of exotic and delicious Canadian candies didn't make me eat them, but when in Rome...

KK as featured on CBR (Comic Book Resources) last week!

Besides the usual mix of fellow creators/artists, Calgary Expo had a lot of horror props and life-like monstrous creations. I've never been a big horror movie/gore guy, but I do love me some zombies. Though not undead, these (which I'm assuming are) inbred folks were awesome. Keep it in the gene pool, man.

My good friends Laurie and Kandrix (who run Calgary Expo) just had their new baby, "Noah". After showing all the necessary permits and drowning myself in hand sanitizer I held him and whispered in his ear to fight the power when he's a teenager. If you subliminally imprint at during the 2-3 month age, it statistically holds 23% more successful. I read. A lot.

As usual, the gaggle of girls with the "look at me, but don't look at me" complex made their way around the convention hall with these two being the most unique in the form of a badass detailed "Avatar" and "Zombie Slave Leia". Forever burned in my head will be the image of the Canadian Star Wars nerd she handed the chain around her neck to who held it snorting, giggling and red-faced while she threw herself at his feet for a photo-op. C'mon, own your moment Jabba! THAT NOT GONNA HAPPEN AGAIN.
Really, I promise you...it's not gonna. Still, I smile outwardly whenever I remember what he muttered under his breath while chuckling like Beavis...

"This is awesome"

Finally, there was no way I could've traveled so much this month without by Super-Awesome Covert-Krew (S.A.C.K) of dog watchers. So with that said, big ups to Lita, Kristin, and Reuben for making sure Logi was fed, walked, pooped, Evian watered, holistically massaged, and pilatized with love while I was away. Just today I made sure I cut off enough of his hair to have enough DNA for all of us to have a clone when President Nick Jonas makes it legal in 2041. You guys are the best.

This is how we do it,


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