Thursday, April 8, 2010

KK In San Francisco...Part Deux. Issue #148

Hey all! Last weekend Jim Demonakos and I were in San Francisco with KIRBY KRACKLE at WonderCon to make our first appearance since last years convention behind our self-titled debut.

This year with E FOR EVERYONE, it was a much different experience being that fans actually sought us out to pick up the new disc and chat with us about their experiences with our music and sharing it with friends. When the convention season ended last year and it was time to work on the new record, experiences like the latter were what I was looking forward to and hoping that word had spread enough in the areas we had previously visited to generate a new energy come round two with E. Basically, last year we were the new kids on the block and this year we're still new but some kids want to play with us...and not pick us last in dodge-ball (us skinny kids know what I'm talking about). Being the first return visit outside of our hometown (Seattle), it felt really good to hear enthusiasm, excitement, and critiques surrounding our second offering in a place we had only been once previously. FAIL? We didn't have a show (tear). S'okay though, we decided that we'll be departing on a week long tour of the west coast in June. More on that later...

As I've mentioned many times (bitterly), last year in SF we didn't get to experience the many tastes and culinary treasures that the city has to offer. This time was different with a very clear and concise plan to follow our foodie friends from L.A. and NYC that were also in town around and piggy back on their ideas. Foodies (and wanna-be Foodies like me) need to stick together, and stick together we did. A couple of my favorite SF food experiences...

Saturday night, Jim and I were treated extremely generously to dinner by TOP COW Comics publisher Filip Sablik and his super sweet wife Danielle at a delicious place called SAUCE. Whenever I'm in a new town I always make sure I try the local brew and made no exception this time as I enjoyed the SF microbrew of choice, Anchor Steam. I've rarely seen it locally and a shame because it's delish. We all shared a couple of apps enjoying meatloaf-sliders on of dollops of creamy mashed potatoes, shitake mushroom "fries" stacked delectably on top of one another like Lincoln Logs, and tangy fresh brouschetta. For dinner I had a nice piece of buttermilk fried (but not heavy) rockfish from Hawaii with cauliflower mashed potatoes (mmmmm...more starch) surrounding the perimeter of my plate mixed amongst brussell sprouts. I REALLY don't like those, but didn't even think twice about it they were so delicious! For dessert (it's a separate stomach you know) we shared a bowl of mini-donuts fried with fresh blueberries that you dipped in a Burboun sauce. I couldn't stop eating those and who knew that donuts and blueberries went well together? It's almost like the new grapes and refried beans. Regardless, it was great and I'd highly recommend SAUCE to anyone visiting The Bay Area. BOMB.

For my second best eating experience in SF I visited TOMMY'S JOYNT; it's basically a "meat and potatoes" place that looks like it has been operated the same (cash only) and decorated the same since 1971. That's fine though since it what they've done since then is extremely delicious and almost is the next step up from DICK'S in Seattle as a place to go after a night of drinking and to hang (open till 2 AM). I had the turkey dinner which was what you'd expect; turkey, mashers, and stuffing all drowning in a sea of gravy accompanied by a roll that could break a window (or your tooth). It's a local fixture that was suggested to me by Jim and friend in the area Keith. After a 10 hour day of standing on concrete in one place talking to folks all day...sometimes you just need some gravy.

So yay for getting out and exploring some of the best that SF food has to offer and I'm thankful for the time we had outside of being inside all day for the convention. No trips to PIXAR or ILM like last year, but it's all good and I'm getting excited to head to Chicago next week for another show called C2E2. SUPER excited to perform with the full KK band (Patrick Porter, Scott Andrew, and Nelson Estes) at the official convention party Saturday night once again being joined on stage by MARVEL Comics Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada.



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