Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chasing The Buffalo. Issue #157

If there's 2 things that North Carolina taught me, they're that I will forever be a fan of southern hospitality and that I am now in a new found love affair with all things "buffalo". I'm cereal. Somehow in my 30 short years on this spinning space rock of chaos, the cooling and sweet mix of spiciness and curled cheese has eluded me only now to become my mistress that calls to me daily. By this, I mean that over the weekend at HEROES CON in Charlotte I took a southern tradition with force by indulging after a long days of KIRBY KRACKLE selling in many a nom-worthy hot wing. Momma like.

If you've been reading this weekly blog for a while now, you know the routine of Jim and I flying into any-city-USA and spreading the gospel of nerd-rock. This time was very similar with a few exceptions. First, it was our first time in the south promoting E FOR EVERYONE and it was really cool to meet our friends down there we didn't know we had. It's always a trip and simultaneously extremely cool to hear enthusiasm for the music from folks who you would never otherwise never know existed. May that always be fun and somebody feel free to throat punch me should I ever that for granted (not too hard).

Secondly, this weekend marked the first time KK had ever been invited to participate in a convention "panel". For those unfamiliar with the format, it's like a class put on by the artist/writer/actor ABOUT whatever said artist is involved in. In our case, we were invited to do whatever we wanted to do. Dangerous I know, but we pulled something out that we thought would be both informative and fun and something that would make it new for us. One of my favorite shows to watch in my early-20's was VH1 "Storytellers"; an in-the-round type performance atmosphere where a band/solo artist first talks about a song, then performs it with hopes that the audience reaches a better understanding of the music.

We decided to go with the concept and jumped in BK Lights first for a full hour of stories, laughs, and hopefully more connection between the band, fans and our music. For example...."On And On" is more than a song about Wolverine's overworked schedule, it's also a commentary of how we go through much of our lives jumping from one distraction to the next without ever really centering ourselves. "Vault 101"? Sure it's about the many, many, many, hours we spent playing the hit 2009 game title FALLOUT 3, but it wasn't until I picked up the final master and listened to it in my home with the lights out that I realized it's very much about my recent divorce; a slipping in of the subconscious ego it place unexpected. I have to admit that I was a little nervous taking what people may feel is only fun and light themed music and revealing it was about much more at the same time, but sticking with honestly as policy we were rewarded with fans saying they felt closer to the music and had enjoyed the peeling of layers. It feels different talking about the KK in that context, but at the same time more fulfilling and multi-dimensional. After years or making sure my non-comic themed music held that spirit as well, it felt good to go there with KK when it holds true. We were thankful the fans wanted to go there with us...

Check out this nice review/interview from HEROES CON with the fine folks at COMICS ALLICANCE!

While Jim and I were holding the front line in Charlotte, director Todd Downing was breaking ground beginning filming on our as-of-now no longer secret music video for "On And On". I'm so excited for this and cannot wait for it to be completed after receiving emails with the first if the footage stills. Over the past 2 months, actor JD Greene has become Logan and you're gonna smile when you see it. :)

Hope everyone is doing good! Next week is the big EXPLONE show on Thursday, June 17th, and then the following is lots of exciting site changes and new KS release news to share with you...see you soon!

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