Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Phoenix & The Subpar Haiku. Issue #156

Let me just say that after 5 days in Phoenix with KIRBY KRACKLE I realize that I need the rain. The layer of mold that lies ever so daintily below my skin needs the dampness that the NW brings and living in that oven is crazy town. The end.

Seriously though, we did have a great weekend despite the fact that sales weren't too great due to the crowd mostly made up of the manga-anime set. We write songs about fish women and capes so you can see how that might not work so much for that demographic. Still, the band flew down for a full rock show set which is always fun and I had a great time hanging by the pool and downing gallons of water to make sure I didn't shrivel up in the 101 degree desert heat.

Even though we only got back 2 days ago I'm already packing my bags and stringing up the guitar to head out early morning tomorrow for Charlotte, North Carolina for HEROES CON which should be great for us since it's mostly the meat and potatoes comic book crowd. We'll be doing a panel for the first time which should be interesting since I don't know what we have to talk about for an hour but hopefully fans will have questions about the writing process we can take in between playing songs and talking about what we've experienced blazing a new path in the genre of "nerd rock".

So, since there's a ton of pictures to post up to give you an idea of what it was like, and since I just found out how to write you go for something new this week. Don't judge yo. Actually, please do as a documented public deterrent I hope to be reminded of should I ever write them seriously.

Creepy airport pics
I like signage very bright
security calls

Our spaced out hotel
Purple lights were everywhere
High School raves return

Convention floor cool
Navi, mice, Boba, Bo Duke
Smelled like super nerd

Immigration march
I saw it with my own eyes
Moved me and got chills

Band arrived to rock
Spike, James Marsters played folk rock
Alice Cooper beer

That's why I don't do poetry jams,


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