Sunday, November 11, 2007

This Is An Album Cover. Issue #23

This week the P.R. caravan for "SONGS FROM THE ORANGE ROOM" has been in full effect and starting to gain some momentum. I thought I'd share the album cover with you (above), and let you know what we've got scheduled surrounding it's release. We now have two CD Release shows planned as I decided I actually don't hate people under 21, and thought it might be nice to include them as well.

Before that, let me tell you that the first sample tracks off the album have been posted on my myspace site HERE! The songs put up are "Sparkle and Fall", "Getaway Car", and "This Is Not A Love Song".


That said, the first show will be ALL-AGES on Sunday, November 25th, at THE COMIC STOP in Lynnwood. The show starts at 6:00pm with my buddy TJ SHERRILL opening, and the band and I following right after. Cover is $2 at the door and sorry drunkys no alcohol at this venue, but if you like good music, soda pop, and 7-layer dip then this the show for you!
Seriously though, if you've got kids and have been wanting to come out then know that this is a great family-friendly venue. THE COMIC STOP is the best comic shop in town, and if you disagree I'll fight you. I'm not trained, but I do read A LOT of comics so I'm guessing one of my "moves" will land...HARD.

As reported before, the +21 CD Release show will be Wednesday, November 28th, at HIGHDIVE in Fremont. People know it's my favorite rock club around, and they always treat us well here. The cover is $5 at the door that night and we'll be opening the evening at 9:00PM followed by CARAVEL, and HEY MARSELLIES.

This is my show to be at this year, so pass the word!

I've included a clip from last week's TOST show, and it was good to see some of you out there for a stripped down set with Matt and Ian. The song featured below is a new song called "Getting Better" that Matt and I wrote in August...

My old High School friend Bryant Moore just released his first video for his new single "Baby Can I Wear the Dress?"

I hoping to sneak on stage with him soon and jam out on it in the near future if he lets me...

Also, send good vibes to Patrick Porter of EXPLONE and Andrew Norsworthy as they continue their fall tour across the U.S. of A.

If you are in the New York are this weekend, Gigi Edgley will be appearing at BIG APPLE CON this weekend selling her new album, "SO IT SEEMS..", and "BLUE SHIFT" comic book. Also appearing will be the French-woman from "LOST, as well as the freaky "Ethan" guy who from what I hear is Tom Cruise's cousin. This is the only time you will see the words "Tom Cruise" in this blog, unless my mom hacks the site and posts something of her own...

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