Thursday, April 24, 2008

Engaged! Issue #46

Not me (that is soooooooooo 2003), but my sister Deirdre! It's really gotten me in a good mood this past week and is an exciting time for my family. Deirdre (or "Deez-Nutz" as I call her) and I would drive to school together everyday of my senior year in high school and for some reason everyone thought we were dating. That's also my excuse for not getting asked out much that year...
I don't really know how that relates to Deird's engagement, but I disturbing story that I thought I'd share none the less. Congratulations to her and her fiance Josh!

I know I had promised the video for "Sparkle And Fall" this week but quality has no time limit. Good excuse? I think so. :) Next week fo sho!

That said, I thought I'd tell you about a show I played last night...
It wasn't listed on my show page because it was for a private event at NORTHGATE Elementary school with a volunteer band I play with called, "THE COVERALLS". The group is comprised of 4 musicians total and we play about 1 and 1/2 hours of cover songs for schools that need to raise money for programs. The reason I wanted to share this story was that it was a reminder I needed for the innocent excitement that is generated by music, the honest reactions of children, and the magic that happens when the two meet. I'd say about 99% of these kids had never seen a live band/rock show before, and the band and I always feel somewhat responsible because of that to deliver the goods and make sure that it is something they remember. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the challenge of showing up to play in front of a crowd in a strange town that has their arms crossed and a look on their face that says "Prove it", but every once in a while it's nice to play for a group of excited kids that want to LOVE anything you do.

It was also a trip in that NORTHGATE was the elementary school I attended, and I felt like a giant as I walked the halls acknowledging how much it was different, and how much it was the same. I thought how it had been 18 years since I walked the halls of the school and how much I changed during that time as I wasn't the happiest little guy following my parent's divorce. I thought about best friends from back then who I feel I barely know now, and how my grandmother would pick me up and pack my lunch everyday. In the middle of "Summer of 69" I thought of how 18 years earlier I was in the same spot dressed up as a Stegosaurus and crying after forgetting my words in the school play. The school principle must have heard of my Alma Mater status because after the encore he called me up the stage to introduce me as such to about 200 screaming kids. It was a little embarrassing, but kind of made the evening a full circle event for me in nostalgia. After the show the band and I signed autographs on our posters and took pictures with the kids until everyone left happy. One future entrepreneur could even be heard walking away exclaiming, "I'm gonna put this on EBAY!"

(Sigh)...just one more kid I gotta sue.



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Princess said...

Oh Kylo! Tell your sis congrats! That's awesome!!! Still waiting for that CD in the mail :)