Monday, April 28, 2008

"Sparkle And Fall" Video Debut! Issue #47

This is a good week. Why?

The video is done!

So without further ado, here is the debut of my new video for my song "Sparkle And Fall" off of SONGS FROM THE ORANGE ROOM. It was directed by Heather Canik, and the shooting took place over 3 days in late February.

We filmed the video in HD so if you want to see the non "YouTube-ized" ultra clean looking version, click HERE to be directed to my official site! Heather got some really beautiful shots and you owe it to her to see it in it's pure state.

You can see that the video also features many extras who are friends of mine that have supported my music for many years, and were nice enough to stand out in the freezing wind for hours.

In order of appearance, they are...Brian Meredith, Mandi Stevens, Shawn Kirk,
THE LOGI BEAR, Sharyn Wooten, Michelle Markwood, Joe Malek, Tim Jolin, Jessie Aumann,Lisa Schafer, Sara Grabko, Dan Fitzgibbons, Alex Bransky, Meg Jolin, Ian Menzie, Shannon Pierce, Tiffany Malek, Kai Malek, Ian Caruso, and Mark Wooten.

I hope you have as much fun watching it was much we did making it, and please share it with friends!

Next week I'll share some fun stories from the making of...


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Joe Malek said...

So here it goes, my first contribution to the KS blog. Before I launch into my 2 thought comment about this video, I wanted to give props to Kyle for introducing to his friends and fans, the love for music. I feel fortunate to live across the way from him to chat a little everyday about his inspirations and the inner workings of a musician. With that said, the video is an impressive work of art. Your video instinctively compliments the lyrics and rhythm of your song, allowing the audience to sit and watch a story being told. More importantly, you get a glimpse into the details of your life like the comics, superheroes and the people close to your heart. Thanks for allowing the Malek's to be a part of this milestone in your career.