Monday, June 22, 2009

KIRBY KRACKLE Records Summer Single! Issue #107

On Sunday, KIRBY KRACKLE and I went into the studio to record our new Summer Single about the DC Universe hero named Green Lantern. The song, entitled "Ring Capacity" chronicles the character in space until being attacked by his arch-enemy, Sinestro. "Ring Capacity" is a reference to his power-ring becoming depleted as the fight goes on until he recharges it and kicks the villain's ass.

If you were a comic nerd you'd be freaking me. ;)

Regardless, the song rocks the house hard so even if heroes flying through space isn't your thing, I think fans of my music will really dig this song.

The challenge was to record a full song start to finish, and then mix and master it in one full day. Something I had concerns if we could do or not, but really had no choice as people's schedules allowed little room to breathe over the next few weeks and had to be done ASAP. Collider Producer Don Gunn manned the producer/engineer helm again and made my job way easier as all I had to do was focus on the performance. Bryce Francis laid down some beautiful piano lines and drummer Nelson Estes pounded his way through the song like an angry elephant. I'm really proud of it and I think KK fans will embrace it as an evolution of the band.

How can you get this song?

The song will be released on June 30th as a FREE Mp3 download for KK email list members as a thank-you for making the year such a blast so far Jim and I. If you'd like to join the list just head over to and submit your address to receive "Ring Capacity" on June 30th.

I'm off to Hawaii for a week for my sister's wedding and in the past month she and I wrote a song together for it that I'm looking forward to playing. I'll be sure to take some pictures to post here next week too. :)

Have a good week and thanks for reading!


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