Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pool Junkie Fish Man. Issue #104

No, it's the not the name of a new band...

A couple of months ago I posted an entry talking about how I was really motivated to start running again/exercising regularly. For a couple of weeks I did run regularly, but then got bored of it/weather bad/excuses etc. I stopped running and with all the traveling I had been doing I really wasn't doing anything to offset my love of pie and high-end beer (food of champions).

About a month-and-a-half ago I started having these really vivid dreams about two of the houses I grew up in. One was really small for a 5 person family (700 square ft.), and the other was where I finally had my own room in middle-school and felt like the king of all kings due to my newly acquired independence. I would have a dream every night about these houses. In some, I lived there still and in others I would go and visit in the morning with a Greek family who lived there while they rushed through their morning routine. I think the Greek part came from I was spending so much time with KIRBY KRACKLE band mate Jim, but I digress. I would wake up every morning wondering why the dreams were so frequent and if I should be paying attention to something within them. I thought of what was going on in my life during that time and felt like the common link that connected now to then was the feeling of newness; now with all the KK fun/trips we've been having and back then with falling in love with rock n' roll in general. I also during that time swam competitively in summer swim league/high school and remember feeling really great physically then as a result. I thought I'd try to get back into it and see if it was something that I felt I could commit too again but the only problem is that lap swim took place at 5:30 AM.


So after two weeks of doing it I can honestly say that I feel completely different. My stress level seems to have gone down a lot, I have a more positive outlook in general, and my singing has noticeably improved since I started. That's one of the main reasons I'm going to continue due to the fact I think it's going to drastically help me move into stronger performances/live shows. I'm looking forward to see how I feel a month from now.

And those dreams about my old house? Stopped when I started swimming. Subconscious prodding perhaps, but if I always did what my dreams told me I'd be in jail for running around downtown in a vigilante outfit. Some dreams are best ignored...

As for music stuff this week, I'll be performing for the students at Western Washington University on Wednesday in the dorms.

COLLIDER is now available on iTunes! You can find it by clicking the icon. Collider - Collider

Enjoy the pre-summer!


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Bugs said...

That explains all the roaming around the neighborhood aimlessly. Or does it?