Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Melting Corneas And Rooftops. Issue #105

As I sat down to write this weeks blog post I had to stop and really think due to the fact last week seemed bizarrely long ago. Blame it on the sickeningly hot weather (remember this is NW heat wuss writing), the randomness of the last week or the new workout routine; I feel like I've been in a time warp. Moving on...

Last week kicked off with my eye doctor telling me my left cornea is wearing away at an accelerated pace. Call me paranoid, but the words "eye", "wearing", and "accelerated" don't feel too good when strung together. We're keeping a close look at it due to the fact she told me it's the wear you start seeing in the eyes of seniors and not 29 year-olds. I was told it was very rare but we'll just have to see. "Have to see?" Maybe not, but it seems years of pre-pubescent Helen Keller jokes are coming to bite me in the ass. Better start picking up trash on the side of I-5 STAT. Seriously though, kinda weirded out but it's a wait and see deal. Don't cry for me, Argentina.

Wednesday night I made the trek up to Western Washington University with my friend Reuben to help me in feeling old performing at the dorm common area. I didn't feel too old, but couldn't help but noticing how much had changed since I performed in the exact same spot 5 years earlier. My brother set up the show as he's a freshman at the college, and it was cool for my little bro to play booker for the night. He also took my harassment towards him from the stage with grace and valor. "I'd like to thank my brother for setting up the night. And Ladies, if you don't know who he is please turn and face the broke but sexy disease free young man near the back of the room...."
I also found a T-Shirt that I should of picked up adorned with the phrase, "I HATE LOCAL MUSIC." Decided I wouldn't make many friends with that, but loved it...

On Thursday, KIRBY KRACKLE sent out the press notice that we'll be releasing a new summer single on June 30th as a free MP3 download to our fans for ruling the house and being awesome. Much like my "Vouch For Me" summer single last year, it will only be available by signing up for our email list at www.kirbykracklemusic.com. If this is something you would be interested in receiving, make sure you sign-up and check your inbox on the 30th!

Not being the only fun KK event of the week, Jim and I had the honor of taking place in a photo shoot Friday night to accompany a piece the magazine SEATTLE SOUND is doing on us for their July issue. The magazine has been a favorite of mine for years and so you can imagine my surprise that they wanted to do a special on "Nerdcore Music" this summer highlighting KK. Of course, I always thought it would be cool to appear in the publication but who knew it would take making an album about comic books to seal the deal?! Crazy, and it was crazy fun. I would love to show you the behind the scenes shots, but settle for this teaser so the final product can be a surprise. I will saw it's the only time I've worn a cape on a rooftop... while being encouraged to do it.

Some of my oldest friends and I got together on Saturday to hang for one of our "twice a year" hangouts. I say old in that we went to elementary school together all the way through boy scouts and most of high school. We pretty know everything about each other and even though we rarely talk in-between visits we usually just pick up where our perpetual 12 year-old selves left off. Much like I imagine a movie would write, we started off exactly the same and quite literally have about the 4 farthest corners occupied apart from each other as you can get. Its beautiful, its sad, and its always interesting in the comparison of life notes. I hope that in some deep down place we'll always be close no matter how the years pull us in different directions, but that's part of the cool challenge.

The day after we got together, I was emailed this random quote by someone...

"Take your problems and throw them into a pile with everyone elses. You'll find upon looking at the options that you can't wait to grab yours back."


I am the Walrus,


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