Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Falling Down Whistler. Issue #146

Falling down indeed, and I have the bruises to prove it!

This past weekend the fun with out of town family continued with a weekend trip up to Whistler in Canada for some snowboarding good times and indulging in Canadian candy which I've always thought was way better. Chips too. Beer? Not really. Washington micro-brews represent!

We stayed in a nice place called the SUNDIAL and surprisingly was only 500 feet from the gondolas that took you to the top of either Blackcomb mountain or Whistler to board down from. The weather was pretty nice all weekend, and unbeknown to us we decided to come up right at the tail-end of the Para-Olympics; the official sister games to last months global event, only this time for disabled athletes. Kinda a less busy version of the Olympics, it was really cool to see athletes wandering the hotels with their medals around their necks and walking along us through the Olympic village. Pretty neat to see and a nice surprise to the already fun weekend. I had never been to Whistler and didn't really know what to expect, but I found it like a little village/city with anything you could want from the oldest style restaurants to outside dance club fire spinner action on the actual slopes near our hotel. Crazy!

As for the snowboarding, Whister is one of the best places for that in the world and I wished my ability level lent me the means to enjoy that a little bit more. I had fun, but basically fell down the entire mountain. Somehow, I've gotten worse over the past year and maybe need to take another lesson to get my Jones back! While on the ground (a lot), I took the opportunity to take pictures from the different levels of the mountain to hopefully give you an idea of what it was like...



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