Monday, March 1, 2010

Explone Video/KK "Take It From Me" Song Debut/ Filming Another Video. Issue #143

Above is the new video for "St. Yesterday" released over the weekend by EXPLONE and we're all really happy with it. It was filmed by Patrick's good friend Thor and was a blast to record. After we did the band filming Patrick went driving with a $$$$$$ camera attached to his DART and filmed some of the scenes busking in the bus tunnel as well. Awesome!

This week KIRBY KRACKLE starts streaming another new song, "Take It From Me", off of our new album that will be released on March 9th. You can sample it via our player below. Last week I linked some of the descriptions of the new songs via the KK site, and this week is no exception with 3 more new songs unveiled. Read on...

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There are video games you grew up on, and then there are video games you were RAISED by. For us, that was the 8-bit parent we and 1.5 million other kids who loved it called MEGA MAN 2. For a long time we wanted to write a song about Mega Man but didn't know how we were gonna do it until we wrote the opening riff and had our Eureka moment. See, if we were born in the year 20XX and Dr. Light sent us across 8 levels to kick ass, this is kinda song we would hope to have running though our headphones hooked up to our blaster arm. Just sayin. With shredding solos provided by good friend Patrick Porter, we wanted to create an-in-your-face song worthy and confident of kicking robot ass...not matter what those bastards were made of...

"Born on a table in 20XX, open my eyes and I disconnect...look down to see the future glowing in my hand, an artificial man..."


In July of last year, we released "Ring Capacity" as a way to reach new fans by offering the single as an email-list only exclusive. After the fan response and coverage we received from the track we knew it was a no-brainer to put it on E4E not only because of that, but we just love playing it! The song chronicles a moment in time from the perspective of Green Lantern Hal Jordan after he is attacked in space by Sinestro. The chorus was written by Kyle on a trip to Mexico after he obsessively delved into many GL back issues while trying to be eaten by scorpions (not the band).
When he returned we both sat down and RC came together in 20 minutes. Crazy. Wish it could always be that easy. Hint? ITS NOT.

"I'm flying through the cold of space, it seems I've yet to find my place...I'm guarding 2814, I don't know why it's chosen me..."


If you were a professional Henchman, would you have to go interview for a job with the super-villain you were "henching" for? Damn straight you would, and in this song we think we got a pretty accurate portrayal of how that might go. The narrator of "Henchman" is your everyday goon; a guy who is getting older and knows that his skill set though maybe limited to the rest of the world, is pretty bad ass. Fired lasers from a sub? CHECK. Spent a month up on the moon? DONE. In the henching world, your resume is all you have so you can be sure during the course of this song he sells himself to his potential future employer while at the same time letting it me known what his needs are including covered parking and 401K. Even when you're a little bit nuts and work on death ray machines, it's important to know that your family will be able to eat next week. This henchman has his priorities straight, even if his head is a little backwards...

"I'm curious what you pay and I could start today, have faith in what's inside like Cringer turning into Battle Cat...So here I am again and with this leaky pen I summarize my skill set, realize my path in life is set...I'll always be a henchman..."

KK also shot a video over the weekend with friend and fellow trans-America convention attendee Ed Peterson. Ed and his assistant Tim come over to my place to film a video for the ballad we have called "Dusty Cartridges & Longboxes". The song is a love letter between a nerd couple as they spend their time playing old video games, reading comics, and between kisses sipping a cold IPA. It's lovie-dovey times and hope that those who spend their time in such capacity can relate. If not, it's back to Starbucks for me. NEVER. Anyways, Jim and and his girlfriend Cheryl played the couple in love (they are), and I was sort of a Burl Ives/Clarence The Angel character in the background singing and observing their love. Hopefully, it's in a way that'll seem really creepy to the audience. I say this because not matter how we tried to make it not was. Excellent! Embrace my lack of acting skills I did. Let's hope it turns out great? WORD.

This week is continued prep for Emerald City Comic Con and all that entails getting the band ready and receiving the discs hot off the press. We're also offering a brand new KK shirt at the convention and can't wait to show that off with art courtesy of our album artist Jim Mahfood. Next week E4E hits local Seattle comic shops and record stores and we'll be streaming the full album on our site. Ahhhhhhh!


Shake What Yo Momma Gave Ya,


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