Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feeling The Love. Issue #145

Wow. What a weekend.

This past weekend Kirby Krackle set up shop at the Emerald City Comic Con for the 2nd year in a row, and marked the official release show of E FOR EVERYONE with a concert on Sunday at the convention.

If you've followed this blog for a while now, you know that KK (my nerd-rock project) travels throughout the year to different major cities and sets up a booth to sell swag all weekend to our peoples; those who like their music music with a little more cape than whine. A hometown show is always different though as you hope that people enjoy your work on a local level. It's a kinda approval issue thing that musicians seem to have and I don't think it ever changes. What I'm trying to say is that the weekend was totally wonderful with local geeks coming out to support KK, and us feeling the hometown love from the new album we released last week. I also had the best booth support team I could ever as for as Reuben, Lita, Mary Ann, Mateo and Beau stepped up to help with sales and took a big load off my back. As always, the thing I love most about the cons is talking with peoples who appreciate the work and who are excited to meet us. It's such a feel good thing and I totally understand what it's like to want to tell people that you appreciate their art. Few artists will admit that they like that stuff, but we all do and it fuels us for the next works in our lives. For me, it's something I need to do when I really enjoy something/somebody's work and kinda completes the circle of communication with people I'm a huge fan of. It's all about sharing energy in this world anyways, and KK fans always make me even more excited about the comic book culture I love to be a part of. Just awesome. :)

After a long Saturday at the show, I met up with Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada and we drove to my practice space to meet with the band. After rehearsing for an hour with the guys it was apparent that he really did his homework and fit in seamlessly with the songs he chose to sit in on. It was nice to hear his rock stories from back in the day and get a look into what the music scene was like in NYC before he was able to call the shots in one of pop culture's biggest brands.

On Sunday after morning came cruelly early due to "springing forward", the band spent 4 hours setting up at sound check for our 2:00 PM concert in a convention panel room. The show I felt went great, but I was fighting exhaustion to do lack of sleep and talking all day on Saturday. Some vocal lines had to be altered for the lower octave, but all in all I felt good about it. When Joe took the stage for the final 4 songs I just enjoyed the moment of what he called out as the "first KK and Marvel team-up" and the fact we had the blessing and support from one of the coolest guys in comics. Not much more I can say other than it was a special day I'll always remember.

Earlier in the week Patrick Porter from EXPLONE and I did a short acoustic set at the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe downtown. It was pretty cool to play the first ever set on the swanky new stage for which it was obvious they spared no expense. A glitzy and glowing room that will be interesting to see if it ends up developing into a Seattle hot-spot or who knows...

I also had the opportunity to visit my good friend TJ and Jess Sherrill's baby Litton over the weekend. Oh man. I don't think I've ever held anything cuter...

Yep. Hopefully those sentences make sense. I'm laying low this week and then hitting Whistler for some boarding in a few days. If I'm not on the slopes you'll find me in the lodge reading some Deepak with an Arrogant Bastard in hand. Post pictures next week! :)

Transcendence is a yeasty thing,



Bugs said...

I'll be forever grateful that you asked Lita and I to help out. Unforgettable times... Thanks mang!!!

Lita said...

We loved it! We had soo much fun! Thanks for asking us to be part of another great Con! We'll always be here for you!

John Morrison said...

I am pleased to hear the convention and show went so well!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.